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For Mother's Day me and my sisters and brother got together and decided to get my Mom a mother/daughter weekend. We each bought ourselves a ticket to Watershed Festival and then split a ticket for my Mom. And my Dad rented us a hotel room to share.

Girl's Weekend!

Well that weekend arrived.

We carpooled out in separate cars because my Mom wasn't sure how long she would be staying each night at the concerts and she had to leave Sunday afternoon to get Marrissa back home for cheerleading.

So my Mom, Marrissa, and Shannon rode out together and me and Jessie rode out together.

Road trip!

When we got to the hotel, we had a little photo shoot.

The first of many over the weekend.

We also attempted a pyramid on the bed.  Attempted being the key word.  We were two people short to really do it.  Boo!

And got started on getting ready for the concert that night! Which resulted in clothing everywhere. No surprise there, I mean really what can you expect when you put five women in one room together!

Finally we were ready to grab dinner and then head to the concert!

We stayed in Moses Lake so we were about forty-five minutes from the Gorge.  A little bit of a drive.

Just enough time for the second photo shoot of the night!  Who doesn't love a car photo shoot!

Before we got out of the car someone made the comment that we should have a meeting place in case anyone got lost, to which Jessie responded with, "Yeah, the hotel!"  HA!

The Gorge is so beautiful!  I'd never been there before and we got there just as the sun was setting over the mountains and the river.

We had another photo shoot after we grabbed drinks and found seats!

I know, enough already. I wish I could promise that was our last one. It wasn't.

Then Dierks Bentley came on.  OMG Dierks Bentley!  Not only do I love his music but I love his face too!  And he put on quite a show!

"What happens at Watershed, stays at Watershed!" - Dierks Bentely

Unfortunately, Marrissa had decided by this point that she was over it.  She didn't know any of Dierks' (yes, we're on first name basis now) music and just didn't want to be there anymore.  And my Mom sat down with her.  She was feeling old surrounded by all the young people we were sitting around.  And she didn't like all the drunk people.  So they were both ready to go.  Boo!  Luckily for them we left not much later.

The ride home was a little bit scary.  Mostly because Shannon was driving.  OMG, Shannon is not the best driver!  It was forty five minutes of terror!  Ha!

To distract ourselves, me and Jessie had another car photo shoot.  Just looking at these photos makes me laugh!  We are so awesome!

We had to cut our photo shoot short when we stopped at a creepy rest stop bathroom.  But like the troopers we are we still made sure we got a photo in there too!

Not everyone was having as much fun in the backseat on the car ride home as me and Jessie were.  Poor Riss!

It was decided that food was mandatory before we went back to our hotel room so we stopped at a twenty-four hour diner!  It was so freaking good. 

The next morning we hit up the free breakfast at the hotel.

Where me and Jessie got hit on by a member of one of the bands playing at Watershed.  While we were all jammied out.

Confidence booster!

And incredibly uncomfortable all the same time since he was staying in the room across the hall!

We spent the day exploring Moses Lake. It's small. Don't waste your time. 

After we'd exhausted all of our options there we headed back to the hotel for naps and to get ready for the concert that night.

I can't even explain what a disaster our hotel room and the bathroom were.  Just picture clothing all over the room and no counter space in the bathroom.  We'd basically moved in!

No drive there photo shoot this time.  I think we were just kind of over the drive to and from the concert.

Plus we had to take two cars.  Not as fun.  But my Mom wasn't sure how long she was going to stay and wanted a way to leave if she wanted to.  Party pooper.

It was so freaking hot when we got there.  There is pretty much no shade at the Gorge so we were just sitting in the sun cooking.  Thank God we'd all worn dresses or shorts.  Otherwise we might have died.

We were really looking forward to Sara Evans.  I love her!!  And she didn't disappoint.  She was one of my favorite acts of the day.

I can't even explain how gorgeous the Gorge actually is.  A lot of the performers commented on it.  It was just so beautiful.

A photo with my Mama.

And my drink.  Just because.  There were all out of Bud Light Lime, what is that?

I even met up with a friend that I haven't seen in years while we were there.  A couple months before they concert we'd both posted on Facebook about going to the concert and realized we were both going to be there.  Obviously we had to see each other and say hello!  Luckily for me and my horrible sense of direction she came and found me!

I'm not kidding about that horrible sense of direction.  I no joke got lost trying to find our seats after getting up for a drink or bathroom break at least once each day!  Once in the dark.  That was really awesome.

While we killed time in between acts.  Or during ones we weren't crazy about.  We took photos!

Do you love my pigtails? It was so hot and I just needed my hair off my neck for a little bit!

Me and Marrissa ended up getting up to find her a shirt, me a bathroom, Jessie a hot dog, and to take a photo of course. 

Along the way we found these guys that were hanging out in little speedos and boxers.  We'd seen them earlier when we were sitting and gotten such a kick out of it.  They were just walking around taking photos with people.  My Mom thought it was hilarious and offered each of us $20 if we took a photo with them.  And we all told her no way no how.

While me and Marrissa were standing up at the top of the hill listening to the music.  Of course one of my favorite songs and the only one I like by the artist that was performing came on after we'd gotten up and headed off to find everything.  So we ran back and listened at the top just so I wouldn't miss it.  But while we were standing there it was decided that if we came across any of those half naked boys we were going to take a photo with them!  Just to show my Mom that we will take that dare!  And for the payout!

Guess who happened to be standing like 10 feet away from us right after we decided that?  I kid you not.  We turned our heads and there they were.

So we did it.

And then went about our way finding Marrissa a Miranda Lambert shirt and me a drink!

When we got back we were so excited to show off just how daring we were and our photo with the naked boys!  And to get paid.  Take that Mom!!

It was time for Miranda Lambert!!  I love her and her music and was so freaking excited for her to perform!!

She did not disappoint!  She was fabulous!!

Some of my favorite Miranda Lambert quotes from the concert... "Now come get your shit!", "I wanna have your babies!", and "He's really good.  But I have boobs so I win!"

And we took more photos!

When we left the concert we had to make the loooooong drive back to the hotel.  In two cars.  Boo!  Especially since we all came and went at the exact same time.

We made a pit stop at Taco Bell, hello fourth meal, and then headed into the hotel.

Where we ran into the guy that had hit on me and Jessie earlier.

We attempted to sneak through the lobby without him seeing us but he busted us.  And ended up riding up the elevator with us.


After we went into our room the phone rang and guess who it was?


Me and Jessie refused to answer the phone and instead opted for hiding in her sweatshirt (Jessie) and hiding on the side of the bed (me) while my Mom talked to him.

I die a little just thinking about it.

I'm sorry poor guy, we are spoken for!

Later that night when we needed to leave the room to buy bottled water, Jessie tried to go incognito.  Do you recognize her?  Try to get past how creepy she looks! 

We also had a Taco Bell incidence when my rice spilled all over the bed.  Oops!  I didn't have a spoon.  Have you ever tried to eat rice without a spoon?  It's hard!

The next morning my Mom and Riss headed home.  Leaving me and Jessie and Shannon to try to entertain ourselves.  In Moses Lake.  Where there is NOTHING to do.  We had many hours until the concert started and nothing to do.  We were going to hit up a movie.  But then realized that even with the movie we still had like three or four hours to kill.  Plus then the concert and the many hour drive home afterwards at eleven that night.

All of that led to us deciding to just skip the last night of the concert and go home.


Blake Shelton was the last night performer.  I was really looking forward to him.  But there was just no way that we would have made it through the whole day.  Going home was the best idea.

Especially because I missed my baby!  This was the longest I've ever been apart from him!  In his whole life we'd only been apart for five nights and never in a row, so this made nights six and seven and our first more than one night separation.  I was missing his adorable little face!

Overall the weekend was okay.  There was a lot that I would not do over.  But looking at all of the photos makes me remember how much fun we did have!  I wouldn't do it again.  But would do some sort of a different kind of trip with my Mom and sisters where we would all have fun and have things to do during the day too instead of just at night. 

But Watershed itself was a blast and I do plan on going again!  Only next time me and Jessie have decided we are camping so we get the full experience!

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