Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thoughts On Thursday

My parents just bought a camping trailer! 

My Mom has been wanting one for a while and they finally bit the bullet and got one. 

It's big too!  They ended up deciding on a thirty-one foot brand new one. 

Sooooo excited!  It's huge!  Lot's of space and sleeping spots!

Can I just say that I love that when my parents buy things like this they buy it big enough that we can all come along!  I mean this thing has a big bed (for them obviously), a couch that turns into a bed, a table that turns into a bed, and then two sets of bunk beds!  Way more room that my parents need for just themselves!


As a result of having the new trailer my Mom is trying to find somewhere to camp this weekend with it.  It's very last minute and it's Labor Day weekend so it's sounding like everywhere is kind of booked up.  But fingers crossed because if they find somewhere they invited us to come with them!!


I have dry socket. On both bottom spots where they pulled my wisdom teeth. I went in Wednesday and they confirmed it and packed it. 

Then I went in today because the packings had fallen out and so they repacked it.

I'll be going in again tomorrow since they fell out AGAIN!

I hate being this annoying patient but it hurts soooo freaking bad and the packings make it soooo much better.


The dry socket would explain all of the complaining that I've been doing lately about my mouth and life in general.  Well the dry socket and PMS. 

This week has been awesome for those around me.


We had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants tonight with the whole family.  So much fun.  Plus we had a private room which was really nice with the kids!


A new Hobby Lobby just opened close to my house.  Oh. My. Word.  I am so freaking over the moon to go in there and explore!!  Yes please.

My poor husband!  Ha!


A new children's museum opened in our downtown area recently and we checked it out today.  With tickets courtesy of a friend (thank Tiffany!!).  Preston loved it so much.  And it was way bigger than our old one.  And more age appropriate for Preston now that he's older.  Something tells me we'll be going back.

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