Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. My mouth still hurts from getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Ugh.

I've been doing a lot of whining about it.

I'm slowly weaning off of the pain pills they gave me. But it hurts.

2. My new purses came yesterday! I am so excited.

I'm only keeping the pink one though.

I LOVE both of the prints on them and actually ordered the purple and pink one because a friend has it and I loved the print so much, but the one I ordered just isn't very user friendly. It's a little bit thin and doesn't really hold what I need it to without being uncomfortable. I'm sad about it though because I love the print so much!

3. We did some rearranging around here this weekend and yesterday. It feels good!

The living room is different and I went through two of the rooms downstairs.

4. Speaking of rearranging, me and Brad got a new bed! We picked one out at Ikea a couple of months ago but then realized it wouldn't fit in the Murano so we had no way to get it home. That's a problem.

My sister was just there moving a friend over to Seattle and they went to Ikea so she picked it up for us!

So excited!!

5. Preston and my Mom are two peas in a pod when it comes to internet clips. They could seriously sit for hours bouncing from clip to clip.  Specifically shark and whale clips.

6. Why is their so much laundry?  I mean for real.  Who wears all of this stuff?

7. My old best friend from high school got married last weekend. It was a little sad for me.  We don't talk anymore so seeing the photos on Facebook and knowing that she was heading into a new adventure made me miss our friendship. It looks like it was a beautiful wedding and she was a gorgeous bride (no surprise there). 

8. Did I mention that my mouth freaking hurts?

9. I burnt my tongue on some soup yesterday.  WTF!  I already can't eat anything solid because my mouth hurts and now my tongue is all burnt.  Thanks universe.

10. Tomorrow is a new day. And I plan on being a lot less of a complainer then. 

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Unknown said...

My best friend from high school got married last year, and it was the same thing for me. We haven't talked in years, big falling out, and it was hard for me not to be part of that when she was my maid of honor