Monday, May 21, 2012

Say What Preston?!

"If you poke Mama again I will throw my flip flop at you!"

Auntie Rissa had to learn the hard way that he was serious and that nobody messes with Preston's Mama!


"I'll take a hand."

When we were confused, it was clarified that he meant he needed a hand.  Ha!


Preston: "Anybody can't use my stuff but I can use theirs.  Is that fair?

Me: "Nope.  It's not."

Preston: "Well it's fair to me."


"Please buy this for me.  This is all I want!"


Preston: "NO!  That's mine!"

Me: "No it's for everyone."

Preston: "No, it's only for me."

Me: "Fine, then my money is only for me."

Preston: "NOOOOOO!"

For the record we were talking about ketchup.  Preston takes his ketchup very seriously.


"Daddy, why can't I get one for Mason?"

I heart when he says things like this when we are buying him things!  Those two love each other!

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