Thursday, August 30, 2012

Family Dinner

My Grandpa's sister was in town so we all got together for dinner to hang out! Well almost all of us, not everyone could make it.

We went to one of my favorite restaurants. They have the best quesadillas and martinis. YUM!

They gave us a private room which was awesome since we were all moving around and bouncing from seat to seat or area to area.  Plus it meant a lot less stress with the kids.

I decided to take advantage of the opportunity of us all being together and take some photos! We all get together several times a year but usually I don't think to pull my camera out and force everyone to pose and smile for me but I decided tonight they would just have to deal with it!

All that to say, here are a bunch of photos from a couple of hours of dinner!

At the end of the night before we all took off I asked our server to take a photo of everyone that was there.  Amazingly enough even with all the people it turned out pretty good!

I love these crazy people I call family!

Thoughts On Thursday

My parents just bought a camping trailer! 

My Mom has been wanting one for a while and they finally bit the bullet and got one. 

It's big too!  They ended up deciding on a thirty-one foot brand new one. 

Sooooo excited!  It's huge!  Lot's of space and sleeping spots!

Can I just say that I love that when my parents buy things like this they buy it big enough that we can all come along!  I mean this thing has a big bed (for them obviously), a couch that turns into a bed, a table that turns into a bed, and then two sets of bunk beds!  Way more room that my parents need for just themselves!


As a result of having the new trailer my Mom is trying to find somewhere to camp this weekend with it.  It's very last minute and it's Labor Day weekend so it's sounding like everywhere is kind of booked up.  But fingers crossed because if they find somewhere they invited us to come with them!!


I have dry socket. On both bottom spots where they pulled my wisdom teeth. I went in Wednesday and they confirmed it and packed it. 

Then I went in today because the packings had fallen out and so they repacked it.

I'll be going in again tomorrow since they fell out AGAIN!

I hate being this annoying patient but it hurts soooo freaking bad and the packings make it soooo much better.


The dry socket would explain all of the complaining that I've been doing lately about my mouth and life in general.  Well the dry socket and PMS. 

This week has been awesome for those around me.


We had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants tonight with the whole family.  So much fun.  Plus we had a private room which was really nice with the kids!


A new Hobby Lobby just opened close to my house.  Oh. My. Word.  I am so freaking over the moon to go in there and explore!!  Yes please.

My poor husband!  Ha!


A new children's museum opened in our downtown area recently and we checked it out today.  With tickets courtesy of a friend (thank Tiffany!!).  Preston loved it so much.  And it was way bigger than our old one.  And more age appropriate for Preston now that he's older.  Something tells me we'll be going back.

Five Year Check Up

Preston had his five year well child check!

I get so excited for these and hearing his measurement and percentages.

Plus he loves finding out how tall he is and climbing on that scale and watching the numbers go up.

Drum roll please.

He was three feet and nine point two inches tall. Putting him in the eighty-seventh percentile. He's always been tall! He weighed in at forty-five point four pounds! That puts him in the seventy-sixth percentile for weight. Not too shabby!

Preston also got to take his first eye exam! And pass with flying colors. Twenty twenty vision over here! Thank goodness he gets all of his good traits from his mama! Ha!

There were also shots involved. He didn't love that part. We call them his superhero shots. This time he got his X-Men shot and the Super Man one. It helps him accept that he has to get them and it makes explaining how they work easier. He knows that he gets the shots so that he has superheros in his blood that will fight off the bad guys! A simple way of explaining what vaccinations do to a five year old.

Then a couple of questions later and we were on our way!

Until next year!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. My mouth still hurts from getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Ugh.

I've been doing a lot of whining about it.

I'm slowly weaning off of the pain pills they gave me. But it hurts.

2. My new purses came yesterday! I am so excited.

I'm only keeping the pink one though.

I LOVE both of the prints on them and actually ordered the purple and pink one because a friend has it and I loved the print so much, but the one I ordered just isn't very user friendly. It's a little bit thin and doesn't really hold what I need it to without being uncomfortable. I'm sad about it though because I love the print so much!

3. We did some rearranging around here this weekend and yesterday. It feels good!

The living room is different and I went through two of the rooms downstairs.

4. Speaking of rearranging, me and Brad got a new bed! We picked one out at Ikea a couple of months ago but then realized it wouldn't fit in the Murano so we had no way to get it home. That's a problem.

My sister was just there moving a friend over to Seattle and they went to Ikea so she picked it up for us!

So excited!!

5. Preston and my Mom are two peas in a pod when it comes to internet clips. They could seriously sit for hours bouncing from clip to clip.  Specifically shark and whale clips.

6. Why is their so much laundry?  I mean for real.  Who wears all of this stuff?

7. My old best friend from high school got married last weekend. It was a little sad for me.  We don't talk anymore so seeing the photos on Facebook and knowing that she was heading into a new adventure made me miss our friendship. It looks like it was a beautiful wedding and she was a gorgeous bride (no surprise there). 

8. Did I mention that my mouth freaking hurts?

9. I burnt my tongue on some soup yesterday.  WTF!  I already can't eat anything solid because my mouth hurts and now my tongue is all burnt.  Thanks universe.

10. Tomorrow is a new day. And I plan on being a lot less of a complainer then. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Preston And His Toys

Preston got A LOT of stuff for his birthday. And I do mean A LOT!

We have awesome friends and family that me, Brad, and Preston are incredibly grateful for.

But the result of all of those new toys in a playroom that is already oversized and overflowing was complete chaos.

Don't believe me?

Here's a little bit of a sneak peek, I can't believe I'm even sharing how trashed this room is on the blog!

That's not even all of it, it's just a small part of the disaster.

The part closest to the door. Because for some reason even though Preston has a whole playroom that is probably the same size as our living room he prefers to bring his toys out into the living room to play most of the time. And then when I get tired of seeing and tripping over them I ask him to bring them back into the playroom.

Typically that means putting them back where they belong but with all of the new stuff nothing has a place right now.

And going through it all has just seemed so overwhelming to me. So I've been avoiding it! HA!

We're finally getting started on taking on the task. This weekend. I am determined to have that room functioning again. To have everything have a place. And for it to be easy to find things again.

Which means we also have to get rid of things. Toys that aren't played with as much anymore to make room for new toys!

Preston struggles with this part. He hates getting rid of his toys.

Usually I do it without him so that he can't try to hoard it all.

I'll pack up what I know he doesn't play with and put the things that are questionable into a "watch" category and I pay extra attention to whether or not they get played with and if they don't in the next couple of weeks they get packed up too.

It's a process.

Now that Preston is getting older though, I've decided he needs to be included in going through his toys.

So I asked him to go into his playroom and find five toys that he doesn't play with anymore that we can pack away.

Baby steps people.

He went in and found five. Five that didn't belong to him. He brought me the toys that Mason has left over here and said we could give them back to him.

Yeah, that's not what I meant when I asked him to find five toys in the playroom that we could pack away.

So I sent him back in and told him he had to find five of his toys.

This time he brought me five hot wheels cars.

I'm not even kidding. All of those toys and he finds me five little cars out of the probably hundreds that he has.

I underestimated him.

So we had to lay down some ground rules. He couldn't pick five hot wheels cars, and if that was something that he was willing to part with than he had to get rid of all of them and they would count as one of the five things. The same goes for Lego's, the little matchbox airplanes, and the army men.

And then when he still was having a hard time figuring out what to pack up (he kept bringing me things we know he plays with), Brad went in to help him out.

Brad didn't last very long in there before he gave up. This conversation might help explain why...

Brad: "Do you play with this? I don't think you do."

Preston: "Yes!"

Brad: "Does he play with this?" (Showing me.)

Me: "Preston you never play with that!"

Preston: "Yes, I do! You just never see my play with it."

I should also mention that it was in the bottom of one of the drawers in one of his Ikea toy storage containers.  And it's not just a deep drawer that he just couldn't see it so he forgot it even existed.

I'm planning on going in there with Preston, later today or tomorrow to tackle the room and the crazy amount of toys.    

Something tells me that the pain medicine they have me on for getting my wisdom teeth removed will help!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Preston Runs Home

The other day when we stopped at the mailbox, Preston asked if he could run home.

At first I went to say no.

But then I thought about it and figured there was no reason he couldn't.

We're at the end of a cul-de-sac so there isn't a whole lot of traffic and it really wasn't that far. Just five or six houses.

He was so dang excited.

I just followed behind him in the car.

As he took off he informed me that we were racing. Ha!

He's done it a few times since then and every single time he is just in such a great mood by the time I pull into the garage a little bit behind him.

Such a small thing and it seriously makes Preston's day.

So worth it!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thoughts On Thursday

I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. Key word there being HAVE to. Not want to.

I really really really don't want to.

In fact I've been putting it off for years.  Since I was pregnant with Preston even.


But now I've been told it has to be done.  And really it does, they're making their way in and it hurts!

Really makes me feel bad for teething babies!  I feel your pain.


We spent Saturday at the lake.  I think I mentioned we were planning on it.

It was just so dang HOT!

Definitely a day for the lake!

At least Preston thought so!

Not only did we do a lot of swimming, but we also rented paddle boats.

Not as fun as they sound.

When we put three adults and one child on each of them we would start sinking!  Which was freaking everyone out.  So we ended up returning them before our hour was up!  Oh well, we tried!

I wish Summer wasn't so close to being over!  This girl could use more lake days!


After the lake I took a nap.  All that sun.  Plus it was girl's night!

Ghan is moving to Seattle.  Jealous.  So it was a Ghan's Going Away Night.

And we ran into an old friend while we were at the bar!

Now if only I could have prevented the hangover I had the next day.


What is it with boys and mud?

We played at one of our favorite friends' houses the other day and Preston and Zack were all up in the mud.

They are pretty cute once they get cleaned up!


We spent the day at the pool.  It wasn't as warm as I would have liked it to be.  But we did it anyway!

Preston even learned a new trick or started really working on a new trick.

I'll share it tomorrow.  Or at some point this weekend, who knows how drugged up I'll be tomorrow.  Dang Wisdom teeth.

But it was so cold when you got out of the water that the boys were trying to warm up on the concrete!


Why is it that the being in the pool and the sun wears you out so much?  I am seriously exhausted.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Baseball Night

Tonight we took Preston to his first baseball game.

And it was sooooo much fun!

I had it on my list of things to do this summer and was starting to wonder if it was actually going to happen. I sent my Dad a text and asked him if the company had any tickets left (we buy season tickets every year). At first he had no idea. Then he text me back and my Uncle had just dropped two nights of tickets off on his desk so I could have my pick of nights. Score!

We picked tonight's game.

We headed down and after a little bit of stressing about what my picky eater was going to eat at the stadium (thank goodness for chicken bites that the pizza stand was selling) we found our box and settled in. 

Preston had never been to a baseball game before. But he was pretty excited. He's been loving all things baseball since t-ball.

Let me just say our seats were AWESOME!  Absolutely fabulous.

I've used our tickets before but it was years ago and I forgot how great the seats were.  We were just to the right of home plate.  Almost in the middle of home plate and first base.  Right up front.  Box seats.

Perfect for keeping Preston's attention!  He could see everything up close.

Preston loved this guy because his name was also Preston.  He got such a kick out of that.  When I first told him, he was shocked.  He had a hard time with the idea that there are other "Preston's" out there!  Ha!

Sneaking a photo with my sweet little boy!

I promised Preston that if he ate his chicken bites (it's a new food so he wasn't so sure about them) that when he was done we would head over to check out the Kid Zone.  A little motivation goes a long way with Preston.

So as soon as he was done he was ready and it was time to head over there.

It was an awesome area.  They had a bouncy house, a batting cage, and a big blow up slide.  A great idea to help younger kids make it through the game.  They get a chance to get up and get all their wiggles out.  Plus it was free.  Say what?!   

Preston insisted that he had to do all three.  Since he's the one who ate all of his chicken bites that's just what we did.  He did the slide, the batting cage (where he hit a ball!  That's my boy!), and the bouncy house.  He even rolled with the older boys in the bounce house. 

Preston got some energy out and was ready to go back to our seats and watch the game afterwards! 

We didn't make it all the way to the end of the game.  Just until the start of the eighth inning.  By then it was already after 8:30 and we still had to drive home.  So it was time to pack up our area and go.

Preston had a blast.  I know that we will be going back for sure next year for more games.

I'm so grateful to my Dad for getting tickets for us!

Because I'm trying to get better about taking them.  A family photo.  In the parking lot.  Better late than never.

Also just because I got a laugh out of it.

On the way to the car, Brad and Preston took off running for the car.  Leaving this girl behind.  At that point of the day there was no way I was running anywhere.  Expect to bed.  Thank you very much.  At first I was feeling a little lonely walking in the back all by myself.  Until I realized, I had the keys.  I win boys!