Sunday, July 22, 2012

Say What Preston?!

California Trip Version.

Plus a few from the rest of us.


"Run free horsies!  Run free!"

My sister had Preston screaming that in the car while we got gas when were was a horse trailer full of horses next to us.  All fun and games until we had to get out of the car and he screamed it.  Awkward!


"Mama, I'm gonna miss Zack.  And Cohen.  And Daddy."


Jessie: "What up dog?"

Preston: "NO! I'm not a dog!"


Jessie: "Be good because zombies are here."

Preston: "Otherwise if you don't zombies will eat you!"

Jessie was trying to entertain the boys by having them watch for different sorts of monsters.  And also using scare tactics to keep them quiet.  Obviously it didn't work on Preston.


Me: "When there is no one else on the road, I feel like I should be allowed to drive in the middle of both lanes."

For the record I was talking about the middle of two lanes going the same direction.


Crossing the California border.

Jessie: "Be very good these people are zombies."

Preston gets very quiet, while we pass through.  But as soon as we drive on the other side...

Preston: "Auntie Jessie why did you talk to a zombie?"

Jessie: "I had to do it for the good of the car.  Don't worry though, I know karate."

A few minutes later.

Preston: "Those guys weren't zombies!"

Guess he didn't fall for it.


"Mama do I still have my baby teeth?"


Me: "Then the Mommies threw the little boys out of the car because they were being naughty.  And then the Mommies went to John's Pizzeria and drank."

Preston: "Once upon a time two grown ups got thrown out of the car and the little boys went to John's Pizza and had fun.  And they loved it.  How about that?"

I guess I didn't say my version all that quietly under my breath.  HA!


Aunt Kelli: "What part of no don't you understand?  Is it the 'N' or the 'O'?"


Mason: "Come get some...bitch."

So inappropriate and yet so hilarious.


Jessie: "Are you going to miss me?"

Mickey: "Yeah.  Not as much as when you went to the bathroom that one time."


"I'm going to marry Emmy no matter day!"

He was not happy when I told him he couldn't marry Emmy because she's his cousin.

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