Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Preston Turns FIVE!

I'm not even sure how this happened.  But my baby.  My little boy turned five this morning.


Let's let that sink in a little bit.

It still doesn't seem real to me.

I mean he just turned four.

Of course he woke up and wanted to open his presents!  No surprise there!

Since we'd stayed at my Aunt and Uncle's house my Aunt handed him his present from her and told him to go for it.

Then we got ready for the day and all the fun!

We were off to John's Incredible Pizza to play!

We visited last year when we were in town and it was awesome.  Chuck E Cheese on steroids awesome, and Preston had been wanting to go back.  What better time to do so then his birthday!

He was just a little excited!

Once we were inside the real fun began!

Preston's favorite is the Twister!  So of course that's where we got started! 

Mickey won Preston a little dolphin out of one of the machines!  They were just so cute about it!

Preston was pretty excited because this year he was tall enough for the bumper cars!

Next up was the Frog Hopper.  Preston insisted on sitting in the middle seat!

Poor Mase decided it was safer on the ground!

They have this little bowling alley that we didn't check out last year.  But this year it was a hit! 

As was the lazer maze that Preston did with my cousin Micky a couple of times!  It was hilarious to watch!

Next to the lazer maze was this game with bugs that we got stuck on for a long time!  The longer you play the farther you get!  And Preston was pretty good!  Especially when Emmy came and partnered him!

As much fun as the games were the rides were really the big event! 

Preston did the Twister a few more times.

And the roller coaster.

Before all of his credits were used up.

Lucky boy that he is Grandma was addicted to the games and had earned lots of tickets for him to pick a prize with!

We bounced around Folsom for a couple of hours killing time so that we didn't hit rush hour.  Old Navy and Target helped us kill some time.

And then we headed to the birthday boy's restaurant of choice for dinner.

I'll give you two guesses.  And one of them better be Red Robin, since it is so clearly Preston's favorite restaurant! 

Of course Preston was all over having them sing Happy Birthday to him!  And to get his ice cream cone!

After dinner we all headed back to my Grandma's house exhausted.

But with just enough energy to sing Happy Birthday to Preston one more time.  This time with the cupcakes I had made and then forgotten about in the car.

Note to self, don't leave cupcakes in the car in California.  It's not pretty.

But they were still good enough for lighting a candle and singing to my favorite birthday boy.

Happy Birthday Preston!!  Mommy loves you more!

For real, how is he five?  I have to say it because I mean seriously.

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