Tuesday, July 17, 2012

California Trip - Girl's Night

It was time for girl's night!

My Aunt Kelli, Mom, and Aunt Linda had been wanting to see Magic Mike so we set up a night to do it.  Even though me and Jessie had already seen it, we took one for the team and saw it again!  HA!

Me and Jessie roped Marrissa in to watching the boys and got excited!

It was decided that we would grab dinner and drinks at Chili's and then walk over to the theater for the movie.

The car ride there.  These girls rode backseat.  Backseat is better than driver.  Backseat gets to have drinks!

We were crunched for time so we really had to get those drinks down!  Bahahaha!

It was decided that instead of each ordering a dinner we would each just order a different appetizer and pass them around the table.  Chili's appetizers are one of my favorite things!  So yum!

Almost all of us!  My Grandma and my Aunt Kitty were late.  They missed out!

A couple of drinks in and we got a little silly.  Or we just are always a little silly.  Plus we were kid free!  That means we get to be the crazy ones at the table!

After food we headed over to the movie and you know it was just as good the second time as it was the first time!

It was awesome to get out with the ladies down there and have some fun since we don't all live close!

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