Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thoughts On Thursday

Dawson's Creek is now on Netflix. I don't even know why this is so awesome. But it is. And yes I am watching it. It's like I have to or something.

Also the starting seasons have a different theme song and it's driving me crazy! Every time they play it at the start of the episode I want to jump up and scream NO at the TV.


I broke the washing machine...again. I know. What the heck. Do you think this is a sign that maybe I should never do laundry again. I mean first there was the cat, then a pair or scissors, and this time I don't even know what happened.

Luckily Brad has performed a little homeowner special on it so that I can use it before I leave again and then we'll actually fix it when I get back.


We'll just add the washing machine to the list of projects around here this summer.

What else is on that list, give me a second to think. There is cleaning the pool, building a fence around the pool, finishing the trim in the living room, replacing the upstairs doors, finishing the trim in our bedroom, painting the upstairs bathroom, figuring out what the hell to do with the playroom and how to make it work, cleaning out and emptying Brad's man cave, fixing a spot on the roof, and I'm sure we'll come up with a few more things. Oh and there is the possibility of replacing a couple of windows that we've been wanting to replace for a while!

Not a whole lot. HA!


Did you notice how I said I was leaving...again. Preston and I just got back from California with my Mom last Thursday night. And Sunday afternoon, me and Preston head to Seattle. California was a last minute trip because my Great Grandma had a stroke and my Mom wanted to get down there so I offered to go with her so she wouldn't have to make the drive by herself. And Seattle has been the plan for a while, I get to watch my niece!!


We somehow went from a Summer with nothing going on to a Summer full of fun and plans!! I've got Seattle, another trip to California (road trip with my sister and nephew!!), and a girl's weekend with my Mom and all of my sisters. Plus other little things here and there. And having the party to end all parties for Preston's birthday!!


I'm really really really behind on blogging. Like it's no joke. I'm working on it so bear with me. Hopefully I'll get caught up soon!! It's just the getting caught up part that's hard!

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