Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Drive Home

Worst drive home ever!

What should have been about four and a half hours took way longer. Way longer like six hours. We hit traffic on our way out of Seattle and got stuck for a while. A long while.

Then we finally get on the road and get going and have to stop for dinner.

And back on the road.

Only it's raining hard. And it's dark. And late. And it's foggy.

This one fell asleep. He was exhausted. I couldn't even believe that he fell asleep as quick as he did.

Which should have been a relief but just sent me into a freak out about what if I had to pee! I couldn't leave him in the car and didn't want to wake him up! Luckily I made it home. But oh did I have to pee by the time we got there!

It was horrid. I was so over it and just wanted to be home. And kicking myself for not waiting and just heading home in the morning.

But eventually we made it. And sleeping in my own bed made it worth it!

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