Sunday, June 10, 2012

Seattle Trip

We packed our bags, all million and a half of them.  Hey we are going to be here for two whole weeks so it was all necessary.. And Preston's bike. Loaded it all into the car and climbed in ready to make the drive!

I grabbed our DVD players and we were good to go.  Or at least we were supposed to be.  Until the DVD players wouldn't turn on.  Neither one of them.  Exactly what you want to happen when you are in the car and ready to head out on a several hour road trip.

We opted to deal with it and luckily have the worlds best road tripper of a four year old.  He was awesome!  He did have his iPhone (my old 3gs - yep the one that he flushed way back when is still alive and kicking!) and Brad's way old Gameboy to entertain him.  And they got the job done.  Between the apps and Mario and Donkey Kong we survived! 

We've got a busy two weeks ahead of us! And we're looking forward to all of it!!

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