Thursday, June 28, 2012

Preston Say What?!

"I'm not growling at you I'm growling at myself!"


Me: "You get one long book and two short books."

Preston: "That's only three! I get four!!"


"Who made the ocean? God did. Who made the waves? God did. Who made the houses? Construction workers did!"

Can you tell what his Daddy does for a living? Ha!


Preston: "How far is home?"

Me: "We're going to stop across the street at the store."

Preston: "NO! I can't handle anymore places! I'll run out of energy!"

Me: "That'd be good!"

Preston: "Nooooooo. I want to go straight home so I don't run out of energy. I'll have pool energy though."


"Mama, you're pretty and nothing else."


"She looks like Stripes!"

He was so excited about the song, "Looks Like Sex" because he thought that they were actually saying that she looks like Stripes and it was about his kitty cat Stripes!


"Mommy smells yucky! Mommy take a shower every day. Now go take a shower!"


"What happened there?"


Preston: "Mason do you want to go on a roller coaster?

Mason: "No is scary!"

Preston: "No, it's not. Are you scared because it goes fast?"

Mason: "Yeah, it's scary!"

Preston: "Well Mason all you have to do is wear a seat belt and then you won't fall out."

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