Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dinner With A Friend

One of my oldest friends moved to Seattle a couple years ago and the stars aligned just right so that I could meet up with Jenny for dinner and a drink while I'm here!

I was so excited!

Jen offered to watch Preston so that I could have a grown up dinner and actually get to catch up with Jenny.

I got to see her new place, we grabbed dinner at a Mexican restaurant (where Jenny insisted on paying as an early birthday dinner to me - Thanks Jenny!!), we got caught up on what's going on in each others lives, and I met Jenny's fiancee!

And resigned myself to the fact that I've lost Jenny to Seattle! Sad day!

You know those friends that you don't see for a while but when you do see them it's like you just saw them yesterday? That's Jenny for me! Boo on her living all the way in Seattle!

It was such a good visit and I'm sooooo glad I got to see her. Next time we aren't waiting this long to get together again!

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