Friday, June 15, 2012


We had a rough morning.

A ROUGH morning.

We had a hard time getting out of the house. Somehow everything took forever and a day.

I had to reinstall the car seat that we'd pulled out. Which for some reason was way harder than it needed to be.

Then I got lost trying to find a Starbucks with a drive thru.

But I found another one so all was supposed to be okay.

Until I realized Mads was pissed because she'd spilled her water on her pants.

But even then we survived.

We headed into Starbucks and I ordered while the kids played in the little hallway to the bathroom. Preston would hide and then jump up and yell BOO and Mads would laugh hysterically. It was a little loud but I was only getting a latte so I figured we were good for the maybe three minutes we were going to be inside.

The machine broke.

And three minutes turned into a lifetime while they tried to figure out what was going on. And Preston and Mads were all wound up from playing their game and I couldn't get them to settle. And I had only brought in my Starbucks card and my car key so I had nothing that might help quietly entertainment them.

And then Preston had to go potty. When we opened the door to the bathroom he stubbed his toe with it. I got us into the bathroom with Preston crying because his toe hurt. And then Mads started crying because Preston was crying. So there we were all sitting on the bathroom floor of Starbucks with both kids crying and me thinking about crying with them.

After half an hour in Starbucks.  No big deal.  At least they apologized by giving me a card for free drink next time. 

But we got out of there with my latte in hand and headed to the zoo...finally.

Only to drive through three different parking lots trying to find a parking spot.

We finally found one.  And I thought it was all going to be okay.  Unloaded Preston and Mads and and all of our stuff and loaded up the stroller.  Grabbed my coffee and we headed over to pay for parking.

I set my coffee down off to the side of the stroller.  And walked up to the machine to grab our parking ticket.

I told Preston he could hold onto the stroller but to please not move it.  At all.

I'm in the process of entering all of our info when I hear "UH-OH!  I didn't do it."

I turn and the stroller is moved and my coffee that we just went through hell and waited a half hour for is tipped over and spilling everywhere.  By the time I grabbed it, more than three fourths of it had spilled. 

 I'd had one sip.

To say I wanted to call the day a wash and crawl back into bed at this point would be an understatement.

Instead we persevered and headed into the zoo and things got better.

Thank God!

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