Saturday, June 30, 2012

What Do You Use Your Menu For?

I love his imagination. At dinner he was using the drink menus and a napkin to build a tent for his army men.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Magic Mike

Girl's Night! I met up with my sister, my brother's girlfriend, and some friends to grab a drink and head over to the theater to see Magic Mike!

OMG! It was so much fun and such an awesome movie! Oh the dancing. And the men. And the fun!

Definitely a great movie to have a girl's night to!

Friends At The Park

When the weather got hot we met some friends to play at the park.

Obviously Preston had a great time!

He did make it more than a little obvious that he loves Summer, the park, and friends didn't he!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hanging At The Hospital

My Grandma Gayle's boyfriend, Rich, had a heart attack (don't worry he's okay!) and we headed down to the hospital with my Mom to visit.

I may or may not have had to sneak two of the cutest little boys in ever.

Never fear. I brought entertainment for them. The iPad and my phone.

Both came in very handy. And kept the two little monsters from going crazy.

I'm continually amazed at how much of a difference bringing a piece of technology along can change an entire visit to some places.

And grateful that in this case it meant that we got to stay and visit for a while and make sure Rich was going to be okay.

Preston Say What?!

"I'm not growling at you I'm growling at myself!"


Me: "You get one long book and two short books."

Preston: "That's only three! I get four!!"


"Who made the ocean? God did. Who made the waves? God did. Who made the houses? Construction workers did!"

Can you tell what his Daddy does for a living? Ha!


Preston: "How far is home?"

Me: "We're going to stop across the street at the store."

Preston: "NO! I can't handle anymore places! I'll run out of energy!"

Me: "That'd be good!"

Preston: "Nooooooo. I want to go straight home so I don't run out of energy. I'll have pool energy though."


"Mama, you're pretty and nothing else."


"She looks like Stripes!"

He was so excited about the song, "Looks Like Sex" because he thought that they were actually saying that she looks like Stripes and it was about his kitty cat Stripes!


"Mommy smells yucky! Mommy take a shower every day. Now go take a shower!"


"What happened there?"


Preston: "Mason do you want to go on a roller coaster?

Mason: "No is scary!"

Preston: "No, it's not. Are you scared because it goes fast?"

Mason: "Yeah, it's scary!"

Preston: "Well Mason all you have to do is wear a seat belt and then you won't fall out."

T-Ball Pics

We finally got Preston's t-ball pics back! There was some confusion about where they were supposed to go. I thought they would be at one of his games for us to pick up. But instead the YMCA had them at the one closest to us. So when I called to find out what was going on they told me that had them and had been wondering what to do with them?

Either way we have them now!

They did the photos at the very first practice/game. And right before the game. So nobody knew each other yet and Preston and a lot of the other kids were just not sure at all about the whole thing.

Exhibit A, check out Preston's face in his team photo! I was dying. He absolutely refused to smile no matter what. It was a big deal that we even got him to stand there with a bunch of strangers!

Luckily he recovered by the time they were ready to take his individual photo.  Look at how adorable my little t-ball player is!

I love that we now have his official t-ball photos!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Going For A Ride

We needed to get out of the house and have some fun. So after some plan changing we headed downtown with Marrissa and Mason.

Originally we were just going to have lunch, walk around, and check out the falls.

But then we passed the little train that drives around and the boys wanted to ride it. And I realized that for basically the same cost as getting us all on the train I could buy us some tickets in the ride area and we could all have even more fun.

Preston was thrilled. He's so mine and Brad's son in that he loves the adrenaline rush that rides give.

He wanted to go on the Spider. But I vetoed it since Mason wasn't big enough and I wasn't completely comfortable with him going on without me and Marrissa wanted to go too and was in no way willing to wait down below while me and Preston rode and Mason couldn't exactly wait down there by himself!

Instead we started with the little kid roller coaster.

Preston was so excited. And Mason was first.

Preston was a little bit over the whole taking pictures thing though. 

Mason seemed to enjoy the roller coaster at first.  It was his first roller coaster ride so I'm not sure he knew what to expect exactly.

Once he knew what to expect he didn't seem to like it all that much.  He thought it was a little too scary.

The difference in the two boys is so funny to me.  Preston wanted to ride again and loved it.  Mason told me never again.

Since Mase hated the roller coaster so much I told him he could pick the next ride and he chose the tilt-a-whirl.

I thought this one was going to be a safe bet for him.  Not so much.  He was over it five seconds in and wanted off...NOW!

On the other hand, Preston loved it.  He wanted it to spin more.  That's my boy!

Poor kid.  So for the next ride we headed up to the little kid section. Probably where we should have started in the first place.  Preston always loved the big kid rides so I assumed Mason would too.  I was wrong.

Mason was so over the rides at that point and wasn't even willing to get on the little kid train.

Even though clearly he was tall enough.

Preston was all for it though.  He doesn't discriminate against rides.

Once Preston was all buckled in and ready to go, Mason finally changed his mind and decided to do it.

Clearly they both had a good time on this one.

Preston wanted to ride the airplanes next.

Mason took a pass.  And watched safely from below.

When the ride was over Mason said he wanted to try riding.  And Preston was more than willing to go again.

Only problem was that once Preston was all situated, Mason changed his mind.

So Preston got to go again.

While Mason watched from the gate again.

We had just enough tickets left for Preston and Marrissa to ride the bumper cars.

Again Mason watched from here.

The cutest thing ever happened when Preston got off the bumper cars.  Mason raced around the corner towards the exit and when he saw Preston took off for him.  And Preston saw Mason running and ran towards him.  When they got to each other they embraced in the biggest hug ever.  Like they hadn't seen each other in months.  Not just a few minutes.

Those two they love each other!

I know that we'll be back down here again to ride the rides again.

Next time we'll just make sure we ride the Spider too!

A Preston Photo Shoot

Just a little photo shoot with Preston!

Isn't he just the cutest!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just Swingin'

Just a couple of friends hanging on the porch swing, all worn out from an awesome birthday party!