Monday, May 21, 2012

Theme Park Day

When me and Brad went to Scarywood, we got free tickets to come back this month.

Free tickets?  Say what?  I don't turn down free!

And since we've been dying to take Preston to Silverwood, we decided it was the perfect chance!

Especially when it was discount week.  So Preston's ticket was on sale!

We asked Marrissa to come along with us so that we'd have an even four for all of the rides!

Preston was so excited!  He couldn't wait to get there on the drive and practically ran through the parking lot to the entrance!

We got inside and headed straight to the roller coasters!  First up was Tremors.

Preston said he wanted to do the roller coasters so we were going to do them!

We had to wait in line for about forty-five minutes.  A long wait for a four year old.  But he wanted to ride!  And he waited so patiently.  It gave him the chance to see what the roller coaster was like and to make sure that he really wanted to ride!

He did!  When it was our turn he climbed right in and he buckled up!

He did so awesome!!

I think I was more nervous than he was!  I was kind of waiting on pins and needles for him to freak out!  He never did!

He loved it!  Loved every second of it.  Almost.

He freaked out a little bit on two of the turns.  But totally took the big drop off like a pro! 

They have a camera that snaps a photo during the ride and of course we had to buy it!  Next time we are going to have to make sure Preston is in the front car so that you can see more of him!

While Preston rode the airplanes, Brad and Marrissa rode Panic Plunge.  I'm not sure who had more fun!

Then while me and Marrissa ordered lunch, Brad and Preston hit up some of the rides in the little kid area. 

After lunch and some new toys for Preston in one of the stores, we headed over to ride another roller coaster!

Preston loved the first one so much that he decided he wanted to ride the Timber Terror next!

Only this time I brought my camera along for the ride!  I wrapped the cord around my wrist tight and just held the button down!

I love having been able to capture the many faces of Preston on a roller coaster ride!

He loved it!  Again!  I swear he's such a little thrill seeker!

Me and Marrissa headed off to ride Aftershock next while Brad and Preston headed off to explore more.

While they were safely riding the Krazy Kars, I was fearing for my life on Aftershock.  No joke.  Holy shit.  That is a roller coaster!  I screamed the entire time.

The plan was to finish up the day at Thunder Canyon.  Preston had been asking to ride it since we got there.  But it was a little on the chilly side so we put it off until the very end since you get completely soaked on it.

It ended up working in our favor that it was a little bit chilly because there wasn't much of a line!  So we didn't have to wait long. 

We got soaked.  Completely drenched.  And Preston loved every freaking second of it.  He even tried to convince me afterward that he wasn't even cold.  I don't know how that would even be possible because I was freezing!

We'd planned on heading home at that point but on the way out we passed the log ride and since we were already wet and there wasn't much of a ride we went ahead and hopped in line. 

And got even more wet.

Good thing this girl packed extra clothes for me and Preston!

We rode home dry!

And after a stop for food we were not only dry but had full bellies as well!

Exhausted we headed home from a day full of fun!

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