Tuesday, May 29, 2012


While the rest of us didn't think it was warm enough to go swimming, there was no keeping Preston out of the pool. He was just so excited about swimming. And my Aunt said the kids had already been in the pool a time or two so far that year, we figured what the heck go for it.  Plus it was our last day in California.

I mean it's the end of May. And it was only like high seventies/low eighties.

Crazy kids.

Into the pool Preston, Emmy, and Mickey went.

I thought they'd be in for a minute or two and then jump back out.  But they had a good time.

My Aunt had this huge blow up floating chair and the kids loved it.  They spent a long while playing with it.  Climbing on it.  Jumping on it.  And dragging each other around the pool with it.

I was shocked at how long they lasted.  They were in the pool for over an hour.  And even then we had to drag them out because it was time to get ready for dinner.

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