Thursday, May 10, 2012

Say What Preston?!

"I don't understand why they don't have a play room here?!"

Imagine a shoulder shrug and hands thrown out.  It was completely unimaginable to him. 

After walking though the house we were staying in when we went to visit family.


A conversation we had while getting ready for preschool one morning.

Preston: "I don't like to poop at school!"

Me: "Have you?"

Preston: "NO!  But you told me the teachers won't wipe my butt!"

Me: "They won't.  But you can wipe your own bottom when you're done."

Preston: "NO!  Cause I can't see if I get all the poop off!"

And then I died.  I didn't even know what to say!


While packing his toys for a trip away he tried sticking one of the balls he was packing into his mouth so I asked what was going on...

"Just checking to see if Madison could choke on this."

My big boy!!


After we walked into Brad's Grandma's house...

Preston: "Are you Traci?"

Traci: "Yes."

Preston: "Do you need a nap?"

Traci: "Yeah I kinda do."

Preston: "We can be quiet."

We had told Preston he had to be quiet and that he couldn't race around at Geneva's house.  And he asked why and I didn't want to tell him that it was because Geneva was sick so we blamed it on Traci being tired.  We were definitely not expecting him to ask her! 


"I'm going to eat one of them...and then the rest."

I'd told him he could only have ONE more.


"I love Seattle because Madison is there!"


"Mama can we move into Aunt Jen's house?"

Hmmm wonder if he had fun visiting?


"I'm going to teach her naughty things!"

Such a good big cousin!


"Hoo hoo hoo...what do we have here?"


"No, you don't eat boogers!"

After being caught picking his nose (GROSS!) he was asked if he was going to eat it.


Proof that we are NOT a morning family.

Preston: "Mama, is it early in the morning?"

Me: "Yep."

Preston: "Well then why are you up?

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