Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sarah Graduates

Our trip down here ended up happening at the same time as my cousin Sarah was graduating high school. So we got to see her graduate from high school.

It was a late graduation and didn't start until seven. And it was outside on the football field. And it was long. Like more than three hours long. Plus there were a lot of kids graduating so parking was crazy. He ended up parking a mile away. For real, I used my Map My Walk app to see!

All of that led to me letting Preston stay and play at my Aunt and Uncle's house with my Uncle. I knew he'd have more fun there since Emmy was there. And I knew we'd have a hard time convincing him to sit down and stay still for the whole graduation.

Before we dropped Preston off I reminded him to be on his best behavior and to listen to Uncle Mike. Then I told him that Uncle Mike was a cop so he better make sure he listened. At which point he asked me if he was naughty if Uncle Mike would take him to jail. HA! I may or may not have said yes.

Funny enough Preston was more concerned with the idea that Uncle Mike might make him eat pizza than he was with anything else.

We got to the graduation and found seats. And waited. And waited. And waited.

It was all very different from what I'm used to. Mine and all of my siblings graduations were only an hour long. And we had almost as many people.

This was just very long.

It got complicated when the kids actually started graduating and walking. They weren't in alphabetical order! Who does that? The school had allowed them to pick a favorite teacher and they sat in that teacher's row. WTF! Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find the person you came to watch graduate in a sea of hundreds all dressed alike? We couldn't just count on hearing her name either because it was so loud and the speakers were so quiet. Which led to some last minute texting with Sarah to find out which teacher was announcing her.

It all worked out. And we saw Sarah walk the stage and found her afterwards to congratulate her and take some pictures!

After photos Sarah took off to celebrate.

And we were off to make our way through the crazy crowds to get to the car!

Congrats Sarah!!

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