Thursday, May 17, 2012

Preschool Pictures

Preston's preschool had school photos done.

My babies first school pictures. Insert me crying here.

Let me just say the backgrounds aren't what they used to be. It was all these cheesy fake outdoor backgrounds. Like waterfalls and fields and whatnot. Gone are the days of the plain colored backgrounds for school photos. Although I was told that some schools had them in the Fall so they could just switch things up based on the season.

I let Preston pick his background. He picked the waterfall. No surprise there!

I was a little nervous about how he'd do. When he's put on the spot and he's not sure he gives the fakest smile ever. So we practiced on the way to school that morning and he had it down.

Then we got there and he was a little nervous.

But he did it!

Look how cute my little boy is in his first school picture...

I didn't get to be there for his first class picture, but he did pretty awesome in that one too!

So cute! I can't believe he's old enough for school pictures!

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