Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Great Grandma

We came down to California to see my Great Grandma.  She'd fallen and hurt her back and then while she was attempting to recover from that she'd had a stroke. 

Hearing about all of that from several states away sent my Mom into a panic.  She wanted to be here to see her Grandma and for her Mom.

We stopped in at the home that my Great Grandma is recovering in as soon as we hit California.  My Grandma was already there and told us that G.G. Rose had had a busy day with visitors so to be prepared because she was tired. 

It was shocking to see her like that.  She couldn't get up.  And just looked like she had aged so much. 

My G.G. Rose is over ninety.  But she's always up and moving around.  And she loves to socialize.

Seeing her that day she was like a shell of herself.

And she was so confused.  I mean don't get me wrong, there is usually some confusion when we  see her. She's up there in age, I think that's to be expected.  But this was way worse.  We were only there for maybe an hour, like I said she was exhausted and Preston had been in the car for two days and a nursing home environment wasn't the best for a four year old with a lot of energy.  But in that hour she kept asking us who were were.  She'd know who we were once we told her but minutes later she would forget.  She must have asked me who I was like ten times.  And who Preston was like twice that.  The positive side of that was that every time we told her who we were she was so excited to see us.  And she'd tell me how pretty I was and how cute Preston was.  I tried to focus on that instead of how sad it was to see her like that.

It was a few more days before I went to see her again.  Like I said it was really hard with Preston.  He wanted to explore the area and it wasn't the kind of place that you could explore.  And seeing my Great Grandma like that scared him.  He just wasn't comfortable there. 

This time she looked soooooo much better.  She was sitting up.  And chatting.  And smiling.  We had to explain who were were once or twice.  But nothing like the first day when we went to see her. 

My Grandma said that she just seemed so horrible that day because it had been a long day.  And we saw her at the end of it. 

It was just such a relief to see her looking better.  When we had left that first day it was really upsetting.  But when we left the second time we were in much higher spirits for her.

I wish that I had remembered to take pictures with her while we were there though. I don't know how I forgot. 

Fortunately it looks like we have more years left with Great Grandma Rose to get that picture!

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