Thursday, May 31, 2012

Say What Preston?!

Grandma Edition.


"I know how to drive a car. And I know how to get to Grandma's house. I don't know how to stop though. And I don't have keys."


Me: "What should we do for dinner?"

Preston: "I know! Grandma's house!!"


Preston: "Don't listen to Grandma."

Me: "About what?"

Preston: "What her says."

Me: "Why?"

Preston: "Cause her lies."

My Mom had just finished watching Preston and he'd been naughty so he was trying to cover his bases just in case Grandma ratted him out.


Grandma: "Who do you believe, me or Mommy?"

Preston: "GRANDMA!!"


We made it. Two days. Lots of hours. And we are home. For some reason I always feel like the drive home takes less time than the drive there. Weird.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Great Grandma

We came down to California to see my Great Grandma.  She'd fallen and hurt her back and then while she was attempting to recover from that she'd had a stroke. 

Hearing about all of that from several states away sent my Mom into a panic.  She wanted to be here to see her Grandma and for her Mom.

We stopped in at the home that my Great Grandma is recovering in as soon as we hit California.  My Grandma was already there and told us that G.G. Rose had had a busy day with visitors so to be prepared because she was tired. 

It was shocking to see her like that.  She couldn't get up.  And just looked like she had aged so much. 

My G.G. Rose is over ninety.  But she's always up and moving around.  And she loves to socialize.

Seeing her that day she was like a shell of herself.

And she was so confused.  I mean don't get me wrong, there is usually some confusion when we  see her. She's up there in age, I think that's to be expected.  But this was way worse.  We were only there for maybe an hour, like I said she was exhausted and Preston had been in the car for two days and a nursing home environment wasn't the best for a four year old with a lot of energy.  But in that hour she kept asking us who were were.  She'd know who we were once we told her but minutes later she would forget.  She must have asked me who I was like ten times.  And who Preston was like twice that.  The positive side of that was that every time we told her who we were she was so excited to see us.  And she'd tell me how pretty I was and how cute Preston was.  I tried to focus on that instead of how sad it was to see her like that.

It was a few more days before I went to see her again.  Like I said it was really hard with Preston.  He wanted to explore the area and it wasn't the kind of place that you could explore.  And seeing my Great Grandma like that scared him.  He just wasn't comfortable there. 

This time she looked soooooo much better.  She was sitting up.  And chatting.  And smiling.  We had to explain who were were once or twice.  But nothing like the first day when we went to see her. 

My Grandma said that she just seemed so horrible that day because it had been a long day.  And we saw her at the end of it. 

It was just such a relief to see her looking better.  When we had left that first day it was really upsetting.  But when we left the second time we were in much higher spirits for her.

I wish that I had remembered to take pictures with her while we were there though. I don't know how I forgot. 

Fortunately it looks like we have more years left with Great Grandma Rose to get that picture!

Long Distance Best Buds

These two. Two peas in a pod I swear.

It is crazy how excited they get to see each other.

Especially after being apart for almost a year.

Aren't they adorable!

I just wish we lived close enough that they could see each other more!  I just hate separating them when it's time for us to go home.

We Didn't Forget Sarah

Sarah couldn't make it to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory so we didn't get to take any photos with her.

But we made up for that before we left!

With a late night one after she got off work.

And an early morning one before we headed home.

We couldn't just forget about Sarah!

Wisely Worded Wednesday

One of the few nice moments between Preston and my Grandma's dog.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last Night Dinner

Our last night in California we went to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory.

For some reason every single time we go to California to visit family we eat here. It's funny because we have an Old Spaghetti Factory at home and never eat there. Like ever. I've eaten at the one in California more! 

I decided to take a picture with everyone while we were at dinner.

Starting with me and Preston in the bathroom.  Only I cut myself out by accident.  But look how cute Preston looks!

Get ready for a photo explosion!

I didn't manage to get a photo of Preston and my Grandma together at dinner so I snagged one of them together when we got back to the house.

Now we just have to be ready to leave in the morning!


While the rest of us didn't think it was warm enough to go swimming, there was no keeping Preston out of the pool. He was just so excited about swimming. And my Aunt said the kids had already been in the pool a time or two so far that year, we figured what the heck go for it.  Plus it was our last day in California.

I mean it's the end of May. And it was only like high seventies/low eighties.

Crazy kids.

Into the pool Preston, Emmy, and Mickey went.

I thought they'd be in for a minute or two and then jump back out.  But they had a good time.

My Aunt had this huge blow up floating chair and the kids loved it.  They spent a long while playing with it.  Climbing on it.  Jumping on it.  And dragging each other around the pool with it.

I was shocked at how long they lasted.  They were in the pool for over an hour.  And even then we had to drag them out because it was time to get ready for dinner.

Uncle Mike Love

These pictures don't even do justice to how much Preston loved my Uncle Mike. 

I mean seriously.

When we were leaving he ran all the way down their driveway to give my Uncle Mike a hug good-bye!

It was so stinkin' cute!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Preston Gets Crocs

I should preface this by saying I HATE crocs!

But we were at Target and Preston found a pair of bright green ones and had to have them. Had to have them. Really I think it was just because they were green and that's his favorite color.

But I was the horrible Mom who said no way no how, Mommy was not buying those shoes.

Lucky for Preston Grandma was at Target with us. And when Mommy said that she wasn't buying him those shoes, she said she would. Lucky little boy.

Now if only I didn't cringe every single time he wore them! But I survive it because Preston is so dang excited every single time he wears them.

Say What Preston?!

Preston: "I had a army man dream.  With good guys and bad guys.  And binoculars and guns.  And cannons."

Me: "Did you win?"

Preston: "No.  I had a whole team with me that won.  I shot out a window.  And the bad guys were there."

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sleeping Preston

Poor Preston couldn't keep up.

After Sarah's graduation we went to grab food because we were starving and hadn't had dinner. But it was late. Hence the starving. And Preston had played hard at my Aunt and Uncle's house so he was exhausted. So exhausted I probably shouldn't have taken him in and should have taken him to bed. But I was so freaking hungry. And I didn't have my own car and everyone was going to Denny's to get food. So we went too.

And Preston was asleep before we even ordered. We sat down in the booth and he stretched out and laid his head on my lap. And he was out.

He slept through the whole meal. And the car ride home. And me putting him to bed.

He was tired. Now I know better.

Sarah Graduates

Our trip down here ended up happening at the same time as my cousin Sarah was graduating high school. So we got to see her graduate from high school.

It was a late graduation and didn't start until seven. And it was outside on the football field. And it was long. Like more than three hours long. Plus there were a lot of kids graduating so parking was crazy. He ended up parking a mile away. For real, I used my Map My Walk app to see!

All of that led to me letting Preston stay and play at my Aunt and Uncle's house with my Uncle. I knew he'd have more fun there since Emmy was there. And I knew we'd have a hard time convincing him to sit down and stay still for the whole graduation.

Before we dropped Preston off I reminded him to be on his best behavior and to listen to Uncle Mike. Then I told him that Uncle Mike was a cop so he better make sure he listened. At which point he asked me if he was naughty if Uncle Mike would take him to jail. HA! I may or may not have said yes.

Funny enough Preston was more concerned with the idea that Uncle Mike might make him eat pizza than he was with anything else.

We got to the graduation and found seats. And waited. And waited. And waited.

It was all very different from what I'm used to. Mine and all of my siblings graduations were only an hour long. And we had almost as many people.

This was just very long.

It got complicated when the kids actually started graduating and walking. They weren't in alphabetical order! Who does that? The school had allowed them to pick a favorite teacher and they sat in that teacher's row. WTF! Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find the person you came to watch graduate in a sea of hundreds all dressed alike? We couldn't just count on hearing her name either because it was so loud and the speakers were so quiet. Which led to some last minute texting with Sarah to find out which teacher was announcing her.

It all worked out. And we saw Sarah walk the stage and found her afterwards to congratulate her and take some pictures!

After photos Sarah took off to celebrate.

And we were off to make our way through the crazy crowds to get to the car!

Congrats Sarah!!