Thursday, April 26, 2012

Waterfalls And Cousins

We headed downtown for some lunch and fun with my Mom and Mason.

It was a nice day and we haven't had a whole lot of those so far this year so we were determined to enjoy it!

After lunch at Red Robin, Preston's favorite!, we headed off to play.

We stopped at the park and the boys did some swinging, ran around the jungle gym, climbed on this giant structure that looks like a cross between a tooth and a dinosaur bone, and just tried to get all of their wiggles out.  Or burn off lunch.  Ha!

Finally they both remembered the river and that they wanted to see the waterfall so we made our way over there.

The water was high!

While that made me nervous, Preston loved it. 

I even got both boys to stand together and hold hangs for a picture.  Getting them both to look at me not so much.

Preston needed a pit stop in between the two bridges.  Ha!  More like I made him stop so we could wait for my Mom and Mase to catch up.

Peace out!

Eventually they caught up to us.  It just took a minute.  Hey Mase's legs are little!

Look at those two cute little boys! 

Me and my favorite little boy!

After we dragged the boys away from the water we had to stop at the carousel for a ride. Every time we ride the carousel I am shocked at how fast it goes.  It's freaking crazy.  Either that of I just am getting old and get nauseous easier!

Since we had some garbage on us we had to stop and feed the goat, or more accurately I found some garbage so that we could feed the goat.  Preston loves the goat.

Mason had never fed the goat.  And at first he seemed to think it was awesome.  But then he changed his mind and decided the goat really freaked him out.

Here's hoping all the walking around means that both boys will be tired!

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