Saturday, April 28, 2012

Preston Starts T-Ball

Preston started t-ball!!

It's his first real experience in a sport.

And I don't know who was more excited me or him!

Even better it was right next to our house.


We did have a little bit of a rough patch at the start when they wanted to do team and individual photos as soon as we got there. Preston was not thrilled about that. Really none of the kids were.

But all of that nonsense was forgotten as soon as practice started.

We signed up with the YMCA.  It's the Y-Winners program.  I'm not usually a huge fan of not keeping score but we had to start somewhere!  The way it works is that we meet on Saturdays and have about forty-five minutes of practice and then play a "game" with another team.

So practice first.  Preston's first practice! 

Practice was so cute to watch.  All of the kids are about four.  So it was a little chaotic.  And they were a little to small to practice with each other so parents were involved.  Preston even got some one on one time with time with his coach.  They tossed the ball around.  And then practiced hitting and running the bases.  

A photo with Daddy before the game starts!

It's game time!

Preston was so excited to get up to bat!  My little ball player!

Everyone got a turn at bat.  And a turn around the bases.

Then we were up in the outfield.

Preston started at the pitcher's mound.  Obviously this being t-ball and everything he didn't do a whole lot of pitching.

What did happen was that every time the ball was hit it was a mad scramble of kids racing for it.  As soon as the ball hit the field everyone forgot what position they were in and that they were all on the same team.  It was each man for himself.  Or herself.  And getting to the ball first was the prize.

I'm proud to admit that Preston got there first a few times!

When the other team had all taken a turn at bat, it was our turn again.

Let the second inning begin!

It was pretty obvious that Preston preferred batting and running the bases to being in the outfield.  No surprise there.  I always thought it was much better to be up to bat or on base than waiting for something to happen in the outfield.

The second half of the second inning, I think I spent most of my time telling Preston to pay attention.  Or watch where the ball was.  He was so over it.

Going into the third inning was probably unnecessary.  The kids were all kind of worn out and over it.  But no one was really all that sure how long they were supposed to play.

So into the third inning we went.

Again Preston loved batting. And running the bases.

When he would land on third base we was right in front of where we were sitting so I would call out for him and ask him to smile (I know, totally contradicts the whole paying attention in the game thing).  And each time he would look at me give me this funky smile and a thumbs up.  It was hysterical.

When it was time for his team to head back into the field, Preston was put on first base. Since the ball ended up being hit in that direction a lot of the time he got a lot of action.  I think it made being out in the field a lot more enjoyable for him.

When the game ended, Preston had his first team huddle.  And then they lined up to high five the other team. 

Everyone had a great time watching the game.

Well almost everyone.  Mason was a little bit upset about not being bale to play too.  And had a little bit of a hard time understanding why he couldn't play with Preston when he could see him.  Poor Mase, just a few more years and he can play too!

Best part is we get to do it all over again next year.

Hurray for Preston starting sports!

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