Sunday, April 8, 2012



We celebrated in Seattle again this year.

Of course the festivities began as soon as Preston woke up!

Or was woken up.

Him and Mads got started with a little mini egg hunt in the house.  The Bunny wanted to started their day off right!

Then it was time for Preston to find his Easter basket!  He searched high and low and finally found it hidden inside Madison's desk!  Silly Bunny!

Of course it was filled full of lots of goodies!

Enough to keep him entertained long enough for me and Brad to get ready for brunch.

And to sneak in a photo with my favorite niece!

We all survived brunch.  And then it was time for the main event!

The Easter egg hunt!!

Preston loved it and was all over the place collecting as many eggs as he could.  He filled his basket many times over.  We kept having to empty it out so that he could keep on hunting!

Fun was definitely had by all this year!

Especially when we headed to the park (with mimosas in hand for me and Jen) to burn off some more energy and play with some new toys!

We had time for one last photo before it was time to hit the road!

I'm loving the new traditions we're building for Easters over in Seattle!

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