Thursday, March 22, 2012

Special Kid Week!

It's Preston's Special Kid Week at preschool!

He is so darn excited!

Being the Special Kid means that he gets to wear a special star necklace, be the line leader, put up the date and weather stickers, and you get to bring in a question and answers sheet and a sheet with photos!

Look at my son. Of course this is the only photo I have of him wearing his star. And he looks absolutely hilarious.

I think Preston was most excited about being the line leader for the week.

What can I say he likes to be in charge. He's bossy by nature.

Although getting to mess with the calendar was a close second.

Want to see his super cute photo poster?  Okay, twist my arm!

And his questions and answers sheet. 

It asks a couple of simple questions and I let Preston answer them. 

"I am 4.5 years old."

"I like to eat macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, pop tarts, raisins, french fries, and bagels."

"Meet my family...Mommy, Daddy, my kitty Monti, and ME!"

"My favorite toy is robots made out of trio blocks, helicopters, and my stuffed kitty cats."

Something tells me when his week is over he's going to be suffering from some withdrawals!

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