Monday, March 26, 2012

Family Weekend In Coulee

We headed up to Coulee to visit some family!

Brad's Grandma Geneva was first on our list of people to see. We've been meaning to get up there to see her since December. And life and its craziness just kept getting in the way it seemed like.

We met Jen and Madison there and took over Geneva's house for an hour or so before we wore her out!

We opted to stay at these cute little houses in a resort nearby for the weekend.

But first there was Mexican food. And a trip to the Safeway for food and drinks and necessities before we settled in for the night.

Or rather didn't. Me and Jen were up until 3am talking and laughing and crying and drinking! This is what happens when one of your favorite friends lives five hours away and you get to see them in person!

The next morning was rough! And not just because I was exhausted. We attempted to make breakfast only we were lacking a lot of things. Like salt or pepper or any sort of a spice. And when you want to make hash-browns or eggs, you want some flavor in them. It was bad. Seriously bad. I'm not even sure any of it was edible.

Luckily Preston was content with his poptart and yogurt breakfast. And with playing in the kitchen sink.

Preston was incredibly excited about being so close to the Grand Coulee Dam and insisted that we had to go see it. So we did! He was so excited, my little water baby!

After visiting the dam we headed out to the farm to spend the afternoon with Brad's grandparents.

When we first got out there Miss Madison was sleeping so instead of heading right in we explored a little bit. Or rather Jen and Brad showed us around a little bit. Preston is such a boy in that he loves the farm and seeing all of it.

Then we headed inside for some visiting.

Poor Madison hadn't received most of her Christmas presents until that weekend since they'd been sitting at Gigi's house until we brought them with us for an exchange that weekend. She got to open one of them up while we were there and I swear this little niece of mine was born a princess! I mean seriously check her out in her crown and jewels and heels!

Before we left I made everyone take a bunch of pictures with Grandpa and Grandma! For some reason we don't do this often enough! Madison wasn't so sure about it but toughed it out. And Preston had to be promised candy. But hey we got the job done!

We stopped after we left Grandpa and Grandma's house to visit Brad and Jen's Dad's grave. Brad hadn't been there in years and I had never been there. He was buried only a few miles from where the farm is located so it's more than a little off the beaten path an not quite the typical cemetery.

We were starving and exhausted by the time we headed back into town. So we headed over to Big Wally's for an early dinner. It was so freaking good. I don't know why I love this place so much but it is one of my favorite parts about visiting Coulee.

Somehow Preston still had energy left when we got back to where we were staying. I on the other hand was ready to crawl into bed and sleep for hours, that could have had something to do with  being up until 3am. But not him. Preston was racing up and down the hill and all around. Luckily for him, Aunt Jen and Madison both had some energy and raced around with him for a little bit while I supervised.

Brad and Jen's little sister, Caelan, met us back at our house to hang out for a couple of hours.

When we woke up Sunday it was time to pack to head home. After the cars were all loaded up we took a walk around the resort we had stayed at and checked things out. There was a lot to do and we realized if the expense wasn't so high in the peak season we would love to come back when everything was up and running for Summer.

Then we all got on the road after a final lunch at Wally's. We couldn't leave without eating there one more time. So there were hugs and promises to see each other in a little over a week when me and Preston were heading over to Seattle to visit Jen and Madison during Spring Break and to stay over for Easter with Brad flying in for the weekend. It was a fantastic weekend that flew by much too fast.

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