Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Say What Preston?!

"Don't tell Daddy I was a bad boy. Tell him I was a good boy. And next time I'll be a really good boy."

After a HORRIBLE trip to the mall with him.


Me: "See this picture?"

Preston: "Yeah."

Me: "You were in Mommy's tummy in this picture."

Preston: "Oh! I was wondering where I was!"


"Daddy it wasn't a race! I just wanted to get upstairs first!"


"Mommy, Daddy turned off the light and I was peeing and I started peeing off the toilet!"

This one just leaves me wondering if both of them pee in the dark a lot! Just sayin'!


Preston: "I deleted a game."

Brad: "On my iPad?"

Preston: "Mmhmm."

Brad: "Why?"

Preston: "I kept playing it and playing it and I didn't like it. I beated the first level but I couldn't beat the second level. So I deleted it."

At this point you can tell Brad is not thrilled...

Preston: "But Daddy you didn't like it too!"


Preston had just gotten off the phone with my Mom who'd called thank him for the Valentine's Day card and candy and when he handed me the phone back my Mom had already hung up after saying good-bye to him.

Me: "Was that Grandma?"

Preston: "Yeah. She wanted to talk to me only looks like."

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