Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dinner And A Movie

I have been wanting to see The Vow since I first saw the preview in November! I may even have watched the preview a few hundred times. What is that weird? I was just so excited and it just looked so good.

And I am a huge Rachel McAdams fan! I mean hello The Notebook! Which makes me think I am also a huge Ryan Gosling fan. And hello The Notebook again! Oh The Notebook how you have made such an impression even years later.


I am not the only one who has been waiting to see this one! My friend Kelly was excited too. So we made a night out of it! We grabbed dinner and drinks at Chilis and then headed up to see the movie!!

It was so much fun!! Even though somehow on our night out without kids we ended up sitting in a section surrounded by kids. Still it was so much fun!! And the movie, it was not what I'd expected I really liked it! It was such a great love story! And a REAL love story which made it so much better! I already want to see it again!!

And I'm thinking Kelly might have been onto something with the idea that we should do a girl's night dinner and a movie once a month!!

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