Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sharing Blocks Style

Preston likes to play blocks when we go over to my parents house. Not at home. But over there it's his favorite toy.

When we started to play I noticed a little bit of a problem.

Here was my pile...

And here was his...

Notice anything different between the two?

Something tells me I got a little bit cheated out of building the better tower.

Wordless Wednesday...Kind Of

Preston thought this is how we were going to sleep the other night. Those are my legs under the blanket...and him. Yes, I moved him. There was no way I was going to be able to sleep like that.

Say What Preston?!

Me: "Why do you want your hair long?"

Preston: "Because I like yours. I want to do everything you do."

Me: (Heart melting.)

Preston: "Even say accidentally naughty words."

And moment over.

Monday, February 27, 2012

A Little Glimpse

I seem to have caught the cold part of whatever it was Preston had last week, so we were housebound again today. Or rather on my end couch bound. So this is how we spent some of our day. Preston even brought me back my ammo after I shot it at him. What a guy!

He's Over It

Preston is feeling much better! So great that we went to a birthday party this weekend for his friend Emma from preschool! He was so excited to get out of the house and get to play with friends! Who am I kidding I was excited to get out of the house and get a chance to talk to friends too!

Plus I realized I'm totally going to have to step up my birthday party game for Preston's next party, Emma's party was so stinking cute!

Say What Preston?!

The Love Edition.

Preston is such a little love bug! Here's a lot of the so cute and super sweet things he says to me all the time!


"I love you."

"I love you more."

"I love you the most."

"I love you the mostest."

"How about we love each other the mostest."

He'll argue this one with me all the time. Which one of us loves the other more. Now it ends with us agreeing that we love each other equally.


Preston: "Mama, I need to tell you something."

Me: "Okay."

Preston: "I love you. And your the best."


"I love you how big everything is. How big space is. How big this planet is!"


Preston: "Mama I love you."

Me: "I love you too."

Preston: I'm going to be your kid forever!"

Me: "I'm going to be your Mommy forever!"

Preston: "Answer my question, am I going to be your kid forever?"

Me: "Yes, you'll be my kid forever."

Preston: "Forever and ever?"

Me: "Yep, forever and ever."

Preston: "Am I going to see you everyday forever and ever?"

Me: "Yep, forever and ever."

Preston: "Yay! That makes me so happy!"


"I will never stop loving you!"

Friday, February 24, 2012

Preston Goes To The Dentist

I mentioned that Preston took a visit to the dentist this week. He did awesome! He was so excited to go, maybe because his teeth were bothering him and he knew teeth were the dentist's specialty!

But he climbed right up in the chair and was ready to go. Not a single problem. He even sat through the x-rays like a champ.

At the end of the appointment he told me that he's four and a half years old now and that means he's not afraid of the dentist anymore.

Just another way my baby is growing up.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thoughts On Thursday

Preston is sick. He has been almost all week. It pretty much sucks. He has a horrible cough. And has been running a fever on and off. Which hopefully seems to be gone as of tonight.

And then Tuesday night Preston started complaining that his back tooth hurt which meant a call to the dentist and then a visit to the dentist the next morning. After a look and x-rays it was determined that Preston has two cavities that need to be filled. So we are now in the process of quickly building his comfort level so that we can try to get those cavities filled.

As a result of his teeth hurting Preston is insisting that he cannot eat anything he has to chew. Which leaves us with yogurt and milkshakes. Picky eaters are really awesome especially when they're sick. Today I forced him to drink some chicken broth, that was a lot of fun. Except that it really wasn't. I'm thinking that his teeth aren't really hurting as much anymore but rather than now he's afraid of them hurting and refusing to take any chances. I made this after watching him today and realizing he uses his teeth when he's eating his GO-gurt to get the yogurt out of the bottom of the tube. And after brushing his teeth tonight and realizing that he didn't complain at all. Still though if he realizes he's using his teeth he freaks out and says he can't.

But just in case, I'm taking him to see his doctor tomorrow to rule out anything related to the cold and fever that he was running.


You know what happens when you watch too many episodes of Criminal Minds? You start to think that everyone is a serial killer! Like the guy that was totally creeping me out at the grocery store the other day. Or you feel the need to look over your shoulder every five seconds. Or being home alone sends you into a near panic. What the heck Criminal Minds?! You are dead to me. Until next week.


We set up Preston's chore chart tonight. He was pretty excited about it. I'm just hoping he stays excited about it! And that he really gets into the whole chore thing.

It's mostly simple stuff. Like picking up his toys. Or brushing his teeth. But it's his own little list of responsibilities!


I got a new laptop last week! Yay!! I was so excited. We've been talking about it since last summer and finally Brad told me to just suck it up and get one. So after a little encouraging I did.

Only problem I'm having is that my task bar keeps auto-hiding itself no matter how many times I tell it not to! It is driving me crazy!! Brad said he's take a look at it this weekend and see if he can figure it out. Hopefully he can because it sounds like such a simple thing but really I'm ready to lose my damn mind over it.


I am addicted to Pinterest. For real. It is amazing. I just need to stop pinning things and start actually following through on my pins!!


We don't have any vacations planned for this summer and that is starting to make me feel a little sad. Preston keeps insisting that we are going to the ocean. So I might try to look into a weekend trip or something. He loves the ocean so much and I hate the idea of not taking him when he wants to go so bad!


Anyone else watch Parenthood? Because that last episode, WHOA! I totally just sat there and cried! HORRIBLE! And yet so good all at the same time.


This might sounds a little crazy...who am I kidding half the things I say might sound a little crazy. BUT. When I'm up at all hours of the night and feeling incredibly exhausted. And just want to sleep and can't. Be it because Preston is sick or just because I can't sleep. I start to promise myself little rewards for getting through this. Like Tuesday night. I didn't sleep for crap. Preston was sick. He was up coughing. And if he wasn't up coughing than he was burning up because he was between doses of medicine. Spacing out the Tylenol and the Motrin was NOT a good idea when I ended up waiting up between the dose of Tylenol at midnight and the dose of Motrin at 1:15am. I was tired. And delirious. And knew that we had to get up at the crack of dawn. Okay not so much the crack of dawn but early enough that I had to set an alarm because I knew there was no way we'd wake up that early on our own and get to the dentist for Preston. So anyways there I am wishing I were sleeping and yet not. So I promised myself that I would survive this and that when I did I would reward myself with Starbucks before we went to the dentist. And then when somewhere in between giving Preston the medicine and my alarm going off to force me out of bed I found myself awake again, this time because Preston had the chills, I promised myself that not only would I be getting Starbucks in the morning but also McDonald's breakfast. Mmmmmm.

In case you were wondering I got myself neither one of those things the next morning. That's how the whole bribing myself in the middle of the night thing usually ends up working. I handle being sleep deprived much better once I've gotten out of bed in the light of day than I do at night when I know I should be sleeping.


That is all. I have nothing left to say. Which is actually a lie. I am a talker, I always have more to say. But I am tired. So that is all.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Movie Date!

An Icee, Popcorn, and Donuts...perfect for a very early Saturday morning showing of Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked!  I'm not sure Preston was even all the way awake until all the sugar kicked in!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Playing Preschool Style

Preston and his preschool buddies are all about the pirates and the knights. It's a lot of fun to watch them all play together on my volunteer days!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hard At Work

I love this picture of Preston at preschool. He is so focused on what he is doing. And looks like such a big boy.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Preston's Valentine's Day

I know that Valentine's Day is supposed to be all about romance and couples. And all that jazz. But when I think of Valentine's Day not only do I think of all of that, but I remember that on Valentine's Day we found out Preston was a boy!! So it's like a special little reminder of that because since we found out on a day that everyone (for the most part) celebrates I never forget we found out he was a boy that day!

We got Preston a little gift for Valentine's Day. A little army man boat and some army men. And some chocolates of course. He was pretty excited because he'd given us some not so subtle hints that he wanted to add that boat to his army collection.

I Preston was pretty excited about his Valentine's Day cards for his class. I He worked really hard on them and spent a lot of time putting them together. But in all seriousness, he wrote his name all by himself on all of them. Every single one.

How cute were they?

We put some little candies in baggies and Preston picked out Avengers cards, and then I attached a little note that said, "Thanks for being so sweet! Love Preston" Super adorbs! Or at least I thought so. Ha!

I wish I'd gotten a better picture of his name on the cards! I was seriously so proud of him for writing it on each card. Especially when I know he was so over it after a couple of them but he powered on!

Once we got to school it was time to pass his cards out!

The kids had all made little bags decorated for Valentine's Day with their names on them to collect their cards! And his teachers had lined them up in the hallway outside the classroom. So we walked down the row and Preston dropped his little Valentine's package into everyone's bag!

I showed up to pick him up from class a little bit early that day so that I could watch him dig into his Valentine's Day bag and see all of his cards from everyone else!

The excitement was so cute! Each card was like a mini present! My baby boy's first Valentine's Day at school, with other kids his age! It was nearly impossible to get him to acknowledge me except to ask who each card was from!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Valentine's Day

We had a very low key Valentine's Day over here.

Me and Brad had done a lunch out together the weekend before to celebrate.

Preston had preschool that day. His class celebrated by exchanging cards.  He was so excited about this!  Excited to put his cards into everyone's bags and excited when it was time for him to get to open his bag!

After class ended we headed over to my parents house to drop off a Valentine for Mason. And to meet up with my brother to go pick out his girlfriend's gift. And Preston picked out a card and some chocolates for Grandma and Grandpa for Valentine's Day, it was so cute watching him pick out a card.

Before we left I took a couple of pictures with my little Valentine!

And Preston took a picture with his Valentine! If we could steal Bennie or clone him we totally would!

I picked up a card for Brad. And Brad picked up a card for me. Two cards in fact. One from him and one from Preston. He knows how I love my cards!

We finished the night out with Arby's. So exciting I know. I didn't feel like cooking, it was Valentine's Day after all, and we both decided that going out to eat on Valentine's Day with Preston was not going to happen. You are welcome, all you couples who went out without your kids. And since it sounded good to both of us, Arby's it was!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Say What Preston?!

"Don't tell Daddy I was a bad boy. Tell him I was a good boy. And next time I'll be a really good boy."

After a HORRIBLE trip to the mall with him.


Me: "See this picture?"

Preston: "Yeah."

Me: "You were in Mommy's tummy in this picture."

Preston: "Oh! I was wondering where I was!"


"Daddy it wasn't a race! I just wanted to get upstairs first!"


"Mommy, Daddy turned off the light and I was peeing and I started peeing off the toilet!"

This one just leaves me wondering if both of them pee in the dark a lot! Just sayin'!


Preston: "I deleted a game."

Brad: "On my iPad?"

Preston: "Mmhmm."

Brad: "Why?"

Preston: "I kept playing it and playing it and I didn't like it. I beated the first level but I couldn't beat the second level. So I deleted it."

At this point you can tell Brad is not thrilled...

Preston: "But Daddy you didn't like it too!"


Preston had just gotten off the phone with my Mom who'd called thank him for the Valentine's Day card and candy and when he handed me the phone back my Mom had already hung up after saying good-bye to him.

Me: "Was that Grandma?"

Preston: "Yeah. She wanted to talk to me only looks like."

Monday, February 13, 2012

Movie Date With Grandpa And Gradma

My parents asked if they could take Preston to the movies with them on Sunday. Preston loves going to the movies, so I knew he'd be all over going with Grandpa, Grandma, and Auntie Rissa!

The only hitch was that they were going to see a movie that I thought Preston would enjoy but it was not a cartoon. So I wasn't sure how well he'd sit through it. So we watched the preview a handful of times and each time Preston told me he wanted to go and he wanted to see it.

My parents picked him up at noon for the movie and he was practically bouncing off the walls to go. He'd been asking for hours when they were coming to get him!

They went to see Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and Preston loved it! And the popcorn, icee, and candy that they bought him. Maybe that's why he likes going to the movies with Grandma so much, the food! He is definitely my son if that's the case!

I'm told that Preston sat through the whole thing and was absolutely riveted! He stayed in his seat the whole time, couldn't look away from the screen, and jumped a few times.

He came home talking about the "ba-sterious island" and how it was sinking. And going down fast. And who made it and who didn't. It was so cute to listen to him talk about it and see how much he understood it and what he loved about it. My big boy!

Plus while Preston was at the movies with Grandpa and Grandma, me and Brad got to go on a lunch date by ourselves! Yum!! Which was perfect because there was no way we were going to get to go out for Valentine's Day coming up, for some reason people want to spend that day with their Valentine and not babysitting their favorite four year old!

Thanks for taking Preston to the movies Mom and Dad, he had a blast!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dinner And A Movie

I have been wanting to see The Vow since I first saw the preview in November! I may even have watched the preview a few hundred times. What is that weird? I was just so excited and it just looked so good.

And I am a huge Rachel McAdams fan! I mean hello The Notebook! Which makes me think I am also a huge Ryan Gosling fan. And hello The Notebook again! Oh The Notebook how you have made such an impression even years later.


I am not the only one who has been waiting to see this one! My friend Kelly was excited too. So we made a night out of it! We grabbed dinner and drinks at Chilis and then headed up to see the movie!!

It was so much fun!! Even though somehow on our night out without kids we ended up sitting in a section surrounded by kids. Still it was so much fun!! And the movie, it was not what I'd expected I really liked it! It was such a great love story! And a REAL love story which made it so much better! I already want to see it again!!

And I'm thinking Kelly might have been onto something with the idea that we should do a girl's night dinner and a movie once a month!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

PJ Day

Preston's preschool had pajama day recently. Preston was so stinkin' excited about it! I'd told him a few weeks in advance when I found out about it and he kept asking when it was!

Finally the day rolled around and he got to wear his jammies and slippers to school.

When we arrived at school everyone was in their pjs, including his teachers. It was kind of awesome.

As a little surprise when I arrived to pick Preston up after school all of them were sleeping on their mats! It was so cute how serious they took it!

Now Preston just anxiously awaits the next pajama day!