Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday...Kind Of

Show and tell day at preschool!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Say What Preston?!

"Mommy, I want you to know I was NOT happy with his behavior!"

Preston about Mason when Mason dumped several glasses full of bath water on the floor.


"I will have failed this mission."


Me: (Trying to leave my parents house with Preston.) "It's time to go home."

Preston: "No. I live here!"

Me: "Mommy would be very sad if you didn't live with me anymore."

Preston: "Then make a new one of me."

Me: "Make a new one?  How?"

Preston: "With tools and stuff."

Me: "I can't your one of a kind."

Preston: I'm one of a kind?"

Me: "Yep."

Preston: "Just go find a little boy on the street and name him Preston James."


"Mommy I will never forget your name.  Okay?"


"Mama is there anything for me?"

While getting the mail.


"Spider Man is on the job!"


Walking isn't very fast.  That's why I started to run!"


"When I'm old enough to have a BB gun and I see a raccoon outside I will open the door and shoot it with a BB gun.  When I'm old enough."


"Which one is Grandpa"

During the opening scene of the football game in The Blind Side.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mason's Second Birthday Party

My nephew, Mason, turned two recently which means he also had a second birthday!

Mase is more than a little bit obsessed with Mickey Mouse so that was the theme of his party.

He got it started pretty fast after pizza with presents!

I'll have you know that his favorite Auntie's present almost put a stop to the entire opening of presents, he loved it that much! After he opened up the trains that I had gotten him he refused to open anymore presents for a while! He just kept saying trains trains. Choo choo! Score!

When it was time for cake, Mason was less than thrilled. Everyone started singing and my sister brought the cake out with the candles all lit up for him and he gave all of us a mean look and said no repeatedly. And I believe he even told her to go away! Such a sweet boy!

Mason clearly decided to start two off being a little terrible!

After cake, Mason proceeded to insist that almost every single one of his presents got set up to be played with! And because Preston is such an amazing cousin, he of course helped Mason test out his new toys! Until they were both exhausted!

Happy Birthday Mason! Auntie Kim, Uncle Brad, and Mr Preston all love you very much!