Monday, December 5, 2011

Tree Hunting

What would Christmas be without a tree?

Not Christmas! Just in case you were looking for an answer there!

So we headed out for our tree!

Our tradition is to hunt down our tree at one of the local tree farms.  This year those stands that go up in parking lots everywhere were pretty tempting.  So much easier.  And my parents weren't coming with us this year as they were putting up a fake tree because my Grandma was coming in from California to celebrate Christmas with us and real trees bother her allergies.  But tradition is tradition so we headed out with Marrissa tagging along to find our tree!

It was slim pickings this year!  I am a picky tree person.  I want it tall.  And bushy but not too bushy.  And filled out.  In short I want a perfect tree.  Which is hard to find when they haven't been groomed!

Preston loved tree hunting!  He was having so much fun walking up and down the rows of trees. And telling us, "They're all so beautiful!"

At one point I voiced the thought that maybe we should head to another tree farm and look since I was having a hard time finding what I wanted and Preston got concerned that we were going to leave and yelled, "NO! We have to get a Christmas tree!!"

A little more searching and we found it!  Our tree!  We just had to cut it down.

Preston was pretty excited about this part, he was thrilled about using the saw.  And even more thrilled when Brad let him help.

All that was left was to take it home and put it up and decorate!

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