Wednesday, December 14, 2011


While at Chuck E Cheese with some friends, Mason desperately wanted to go up in the tunnels with the big boys.  But poor kid Auntie Kim just wasn't willing to take him up there. 

So Preston and Zack took matters into their own hands and pulled and lifted Mason up over each climb up! 

This is no small feat!  As evidenced my Preston telling me, "It's teamwork!  Mason's heavy though!" 

I did end up there though when Mason refused to come down and was screaming every time Preston tried to drag him to the slide. 

Seriously though how cute is this?  I love that Preston wanted to play with Mason so bad that he figured out a way to get him up there with him!  And that he knew that Mason really wanted to go up there and made it happen!  That's my baby!


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