Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

We love Christmas in our house!

Love it!

So much so that Brad and I are always awake before Preston. And then waiting for him to wake up.

Is it weird that we can't wait for him to be old enough that he bounces out of bed at the crack of dawn ready to start the holiday?

I should be clear, we only can't wait for him to bounce out of bed at the crack of dawn on Christmas. Sleeping in on all other days is a good thing!

Once Preston finally woke up. Or was woken up. Whichever happened really doesn't matter, okay? We headed upstairs to open presents!

And there were a lot to open!

Preston got some that he was pretty excited about this year!

Brad and I got some things we were excited about too!

While Preston dug into all of his new toys, Brad and I cleaned up the Christmas mess and started getting ready for Christmas dinner and everyone coming over!

Preston was excited because not only was family coming over but they brought more presents when the cousins did their gift exchange!

Santa even showed up!  Two little boys were very excited!  They couldn't get Santa into the house fast enough.  Or climb up on his lap to tell him all about their day.  It was so freaking cute!  Do you know how special you have to be have Santa show up at your house on Christmas?  Mads wasn't so sure.  At least not until Santa gave her candy.

We had an awesome Christmas, I hope everyone else did too!

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