Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Mischevious Elf

This year our family was joined by a new member at Christmas time. Brad's Aunt Dru adopted Preston an Elf on The Shelf!

Preston was so excited! After reading the story that comes with the elf we realized that our elf needed a name. So Preston got right down to it. And named our elf Elf.

Elf the Elf.

Preston was more than just a little bit excited to get up every morning and look for Elf. Some mornings Elf was pretty obvious in where he was hiding and others it was more of a challenge.

And some mornings it was obvious that Elf had gotten a little bit bored the night before so he's caused a little bit of mischief. Preston was the most excited when he found Elf on these mornings.

Like the morning that Elf got into the flour and made some snow flour angels.

Or when he toilet papered our tree the night before Christmas Eve as a good-bye.

But Elf was helpful sometimes too. There was the morning that we woke up and Elf had wrapped some of Preston's presents and put them under the tree.

On Christmas Eve Preston said his good-byes to Elf and we read the story and when we woke up Christmas morning Elf had already gone back to the North Pole.

He is definitely going to be missed around here.

Thank you Aunt Dru for bringing Elf the Elf into our lives!  He definitely made the days leading up to Christmas a lot more fun!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve

I love Christmas Eve. Not just because of the excitement and build up for Christmas. But because it is one of my favorite get togethers with my family. Which in all reality is probably not fair to say because I look forward to all of the big family get togethers. But still I love Christmas Eve. Maybe because there is also a gift exchange and the game part of the gift exchange is just fun. Probably better than the actual getting of the gifts in fact.


I love Christmas Eve. And Christmas Eve this year did not disappoint.

My Aunt Sheli and Uncle Trav always put on our Christmas Eve party. There's food. Drinks. My Aunt Sheli always makes the BEST drinks for her parties! And most importantly family, duh!

We do a kid gift exchange. On Thanksgiving all of the kids draw names and then exchange gifts on Christmas Eve!

For the adult exchange we each bring a gift and stick them in the pile in the middle of the room and draw numbers. Thus begins sneaking, plotting, partnerships, and stealing! It is so much fun!

Of course it wouldn't be a family get together without us trying to get a family picture.  This is one of all of the kids.  And by kids I mean the grandkids.  There are a lot of us.  And it is actually impossible to get a perfect photo of each one of us.  But look we are all there...almost, we're just missing two of my cousins!  

When we finally drag ourselves home after wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, Preston gets to pick a present from under our tree to open!

He was pretty excited about the one he opened this year. Can you tell?

Then after reading T'Was The Night Before Christmas and The Elf On The Shelf I tuck Preston into bed.

And me and Brad (and this year my cousin Sarah) start wrapping all of the Christmas gifts we put off until the night before Christmas. Because I'm a procrastinator like that.

It all gets done just in time for us to go to bed before Santa comes!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy SECOND Birthday Mason!!

My favorite nephew, Mason, turned two the day after Christmas!!

His party isn't until two weeks later, but a birthday boy still needs a cake (even if it looks horrible!) and candles!!

Happy Birthday Maso!! Auntie Kim loves you sooooooo much!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

We love Christmas in our house!

Love it!

So much so that Brad and I are always awake before Preston. And then waiting for him to wake up.

Is it weird that we can't wait for him to be old enough that he bounces out of bed at the crack of dawn ready to start the holiday?

I should be clear, we only can't wait for him to bounce out of bed at the crack of dawn on Christmas. Sleeping in on all other days is a good thing!

Once Preston finally woke up. Or was woken up. Whichever happened really doesn't matter, okay? We headed upstairs to open presents!

And there were a lot to open!

Preston got some that he was pretty excited about this year!

Brad and I got some things we were excited about too!

While Preston dug into all of his new toys, Brad and I cleaned up the Christmas mess and started getting ready for Christmas dinner and everyone coming over!

Preston was excited because not only was family coming over but they brought more presents when the cousins did their gift exchange!

Santa even showed up!  Two little boys were very excited!  They couldn't get Santa into the house fast enough.  Or climb up on his lap to tell him all about their day.  It was so freaking cute!  Do you know how special you have to be have Santa show up at your house on Christmas?  Mads wasn't so sure.  At least not until Santa gave her candy.

We had an awesome Christmas, I hope everyone else did too!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Shannon Gets Married

My little sister got married.

Like married married. I mean I know that she's a grown up but whoa. My little sister is married.

Her and her high school boyfriend got engaged before school ended and then he took off for basic training. And she planned a wedding and blew up her phone bill chatting with him. Until he came home for leave around Christmas and they got married!

Yep, she's an army wife now.

I was a bridesmaid so I don't have a ton of awesome photos. And I only have mine. Not the professional ones so don't they aren't awesome.

Without more introduction, my little sister Shannon's wedding...

Two Preston stories from the day...

Preston and Mason were both ring bearers.  And Preston took his job very seriously.  Probably because I told him his role in the wedding was very important.  So the boys get half way down the aisle just fine.  Everything is going smooth.  Until Mason veers off path.  He decides he's over this whole walking down the aisle thing.  But Preston has been told they have to get to the end of the aisle.  It's very important.  So instead of continuing on his way alone, Preston grabs Mason.  And Mason tries to shrug him off.  So for a couple of feet Preston drags him, by his collar.  Until they reach the front pews and Mason is so over it that while he's protesting he turns on Preston with his ring bearer pillow and attacks him.  At which point Preston does finally abandon him.  Only problem is that Preston isn't entirely sure what to do and he walks up the stairs to the minister and just stands there to hang out with him.  Until Brad calls him over from the side and he runs off the stage.

I didn't get to see it all in person since I was back behind the doors but I saw the video and it was hysterical!

Then at the reception Preston was breaking it down.  Like breaking it down.  He had all the moves.  It was so awesome.  And he was just loving it.  At one point he had a little crowd around him.  He had moves I'd never even seen before. Up until this point I'd never seen Preston dance like this.  I've seen him dance but this was serious little boy dancing.  I wish I had pictures.  I have video but no pictures!

Congrats to Shannon and Nevan!