Friday, November 25, 2011


I love holidays! Love them! I love that everyone gets together to celebrate and that the season really is all about family and being together!

We did Thanksgiving at my parents house this year. And it was a full house with everyone there!

Preston of course had a blast! He loves getting together with all of his cousins and he spent the entire party playing with Trey, Alyse, and Mason. I didn't see a whole lot of him!

Since there are so many of us everyone pretty much ate everywhere. There was the table in the dinning room, a card table off the dining room, some people ate on the couch and there was the table in the kitchen!

Preston refused to eat any of it. No surprise there, my picky eater.

Here's a conversation I had with Preston at one point on Thanksgiving...

Preston: "Mommy I need to tell you a secret. You can't tell anyone."

Me: "Okay, what?"

Preston: (Whispering in my ear) "I don't like any of their food."

That's my sweet boy! Ha!

We had a great time on Thanksgiving! Preston was worn out by the end of it and winding down. Lucky for Grandpa and Grandma who were going to be watching him that night! Mason was so exhausted that he climbed up on my lap with his bottle and was out in minutes.

Me and the girls weren't going to be getting any rest because we were heading out for some Black Friday shopping!

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