Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Photoshoot With Preston And Mason

My sister and I have been talking about getting Preston and Mason's photos done practically since Mason was born. We've loved the idea of having some cousin photos of the two of them. Official photos where both of them are looking and paying attention and smiling!

We finally did it!

We took them in to a local studio that we'd gotten a group deal through. I was so excited and the boys were pumped up. And completely full of energy!

But they looked absolutely adorable!!

It was hard to get them both to smile and sit still and pay attention to what was going on (shocking right, I mean what are they four and almost two? Seriously! Ha!) but we got more than just a few really cute shots of them!

I am so overwhelmed with photos right now and which ones to put up and how to rearrange them and what to put where in what sizes. But I am so glad that we finally got some real pictures to the boys together!

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