Monday, November 7, 2011

The End Of Fall

Before Fall was over for our area we spent a weekend outside doing some yard work. Trying to get all of the toys packed up and put away. The lawn mowed. And the leaves raked. And by we I mean that me, Brad, and Preston kind of helped out but mostly I paid my brother and his friend to come over and do it.

Brad had a crazy month work wise. And I do mean crazy. As in he worked two months worth of hours in just one month! It was insane. He was working six days a week. And during the weekdays we didn't see him at all for the most part. He was up and out the door before we even woke up (which actually isn't abnormal) and then he didn't get home until after Preston and I had gone to bed. That one is crazy since I'm not an early to bed kind of girl. He was working around the clock! So I figured the poor guy had earned a break from all that yard work and my brother was happy to take some of that overtime off of our hands! Ha!

Preston had a lot of fun playing outside and helping out. Plus he loves playing with Uncle Matt and Jake!

And he loved playing in all of the leaves! He wasn't much of a help in that department since he was more interested in running through them. Or throwing them. Or just all around ruining the pile.

Or starting rake fights. Poor Jake!

When all of our leaves were gone we called it a day.

But the fun in the leaves didn't end there. We headed over to Gigi's the next day to hang out and eat and Preston somehow ended up in her backyard playing in her giant pile of leaves!

Looks like we can cross playing in the leaves off of our to do list for Fall!

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