Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Preston was Iron Man this year for Halloween. We have officially without a doubt left the years of me deciding what he is going to be for Halloween and entered the years where he has an opinion. Ahem, not just an opinion the opinion. I'd somehow tricked myself into hoping that last year and Spider Man was just a fluke, but it wasn't. Preston is too old to want to be something cute and would rather be something bad ass for Halloween.

Although I think he might have been the cutest Iron Man that I've ever laid eyes on. But he was very bad ass as well. Cute and bad ass, he can pull them both off!

I asked him throughout the day if he wanted to wear his costume but he was very insistent that he did not. You only wear your Halloween costume trick or treating don'tchya know!

So he waited. Very patiently surprisingly enough.

We headed over to my parents' house for dinner and then some trick or treating. We were going with my favorite nephew!!

Preston was so hyped up for trick or treating that getting him to sit down and eat dinner was nearly impossible! I somehow managed to get him to eat a few bites.

Then it was time for the main event!!!

Let me introduce you to Iron Man Preston. And Mason the Monkey.

It was time to hit the streets and fill up our loot buckets!!

Preston was really into trick or treating this year. Like really into it. He was running from house to house. Poor Mase could barely keep up with him!

After an hour of trick or treating Preston was done. He called it a night and hopped into the wagon to ride back to Grandpa and Grandma's house. We'd lost Mase about fifteen minutes earlier so Preston had the wagon all to himself.

Preston performed his last trick or treat at my parents' house. We were hoping to trick whoever opened the door into not realizing it was Preston so me and Brad hid by the garage and Preston headed up to the door on his own. That didn't go so well when Preston knocked, opened the door, and yelled trick or treat up the stairs. For some reason that completely gave him away. I can't imagine why?

The night ended with Preston going to bed much later than he normally does. And after a lot more fight than usual. I'm sure that all the candy we let him have was to blame for both. But Halloween only comes once a year!

Some of my favorite quotes of the night...

Mason: "Put it in the basket" After a few houses, he used this one instead of trick or treat. Followed immediately by, "Tank you!"

Preston: "I'm all done. But you can do it so I can get much more candy."

Preston: "Just one more house and I'm going to say give me lots of candy!" We went ahead and made my that last my house my parents, in hopes of avoiding offending someone! Ha!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween!! I know we did!

Pumpin Carving

Preston was actually pretty into pumpkin carving this year.

Even cleaning out the guts. This is the first year he's been interested in that at all. He cleaned most of the pumpkin out all by himself. Me and Brad did a little scraping of the sides but Preston scooped it all out on his own. He even got mad at me at one point because he thought I was going to scoop some of it out and he wanted to do it!

Once the pumpkin was all emptied out, it was time to carve it. But first we had to decide what kind of face to give our pumpkin.

Preston had an idea and used his own face to demonstrate it for us.

Since we had decided on a mad face it was time to get down to carving our pumpkin into a jack'o'lantern. Preston of course insisted that he had to help with the carving as well.

So what do you think? Does it look just as mad as Preston did? I know that he had a much cuter mad face!

And my little pumpkin with his pumpkin.

Next stop...Halloween!

A Day At The Patch

We spent Saturday this weekend up at a local farm picking out a pumpkin, playing in some bounce houses, finding our way out of a hay maze, riding ponies, and getting lost in a corn maze!

We'd been planning to go for the last few weekends but it was raining or we were exhausted or I made the mistake of thinking it wouldn't be a big deal to order a quad shot latte. It was and I spent the rest of the day in bed sick!

But we finally got up there this weekend! And just in time.

We headed up there with my parents and three of my siblings. Jessie didn't come but we picked up Mason so he could head up there with us for some fun!

Of course Preston insisted that we go into the kids area to play right after we got there. So we grabbed some wristbands and headed in. Preston loves bounce houses and they also had some blow up houses too. One of which was a kids version of a haunted house. Very exciting!

Once we'd gotten our fill of the bounce house and the blow up houses, we headed into the hay maze to see if we could find our way out! The boys seemed to think this was fun!

I had to drag them out of the kid area so that we could grab some pumpkins. The pickings were slim which wasn't all that surprising so close to Halloween. But Preston was still able to find the perfect pumpkin. Too bad I wasn't able to get the perfect picture of him with it. Mason on the other hand just enjoyed kicking the little ones around.

After grabbing our pumpkin we paid a visit to the ponies. Two years ago Preston loved riding the ponies and last year he wouldn't go near them but this year he decided to give them another chance. Mason was all for the idea as well. So we waited our turn and climbed right on. Preston knew he wanted to ride and was good to go from the moment he climbed on. Mason on the other hand got a little nervous sitting in the saddle waiting for the ponies to start. But once it got going Mason loved it too.

We had to drag both of them off of the ponies when their turns were over.

It was time to make our way through the corn maze! It was huge. And somehow we didn't get a map. I didn't even know they were handing them out until we started passing people with maps.

No worries, we made it out alive anyways! We may have made our own path a time or two but we did it! And without a map! Ha!

The boys convinced us to go back into the kid area one more time. This time Mase came through the haunted house with me and Preston. He was a little bit frightened. Preston not so much.

We grabbed lunch on the way home. It wasn't exactly on the way but it was good!

We all ended the night by going to see Puss In Boots! It was awesome! Preston absolutely loved it!

Family night at the movies to end family day at the pumpkin patch.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Preston's FOUR Year Photos

We had Preston's four year photos and our family photos done recently by a friend of mine. We usually get them done in the Summer since that's when Preston turns four but this year I wanted Fall colors so we held off a little bit! He's four all year so I figure that works too!

Here are my favorites!

I love all of the Fall colors! And the ones of Preston just being Preston. I think that might be my favorite part of getting his pictures done every year, capturing him being who he is at the moment!

Now if only I wasn't having such a hard time deciding which ones to put up!