Sunday, August 7, 2011

Preston's FOURTH Birthday

What good is turning four if you don't get to have a party?

Preston's second fourth birthday party was at our house. Didn't get your invite? Don't worry, you are officially invited to the recap. I'll even show you the invite because it was pretty fabulous!

I love birthday parties. LOVE them! This year Preston requested not just one superhero as the theme but three. Those lucky three were Spider Man, Batman, and Iron Man. Of course that meant that I had to figure out a way to incorporate all three of them into his party. Iron Man was supposed to make his grand entrance with the pinata but apparently they don't make Iron Man pinatas anymore. Seriously, can't Iron Man get a little love? So he wasn't as involved in the party as originally planned.


The part of the party that kept me up until one am the night before morning of. The party bags! I was so excited about these. Spider Man was in charge of this department. They included silly string (Spidey String), a Spider Man blow out thingy, Spider Man fruit snacks, and homemade super hero masks with the kids names on them! I was so excited about these bags! I think they might have been the best party bags yet, and that's saying a lot since at Preston's second birthday we gave away goldfish (it was a Finding Nemo theme).

I can't take any credit for the cake since all I did was pick it but it was pretty fabulous looking!

I can however take credit for this adorable little boy!

Did you notice the Batman shirt? That was where Batman came into the party! I ordered it off of Etsy and am in love with it. Preston thought it was pretty awesome as well!

Speaking of Preston, he was so freaking excited about his birthday party! I may have mentioned before that he is a little bit of a birthday diva so he was bouncing off the walls by the time it was time to celebrate! He couldn't wait to have all of his friends over and get the party started!

Somehow I don't have a single photo of the food table. But there was food. And a banner above it. I order a banner every year for Preston's party based on the theme. Somehow this year though I ordered one and wrote "Happy THIRD Birthday Preston" on it. THIRD! For his FOURTH birthday! And I even double checked it. Since I didn't have time to reorder it with the right age, I put stickers over the word third turning it into the word fourth. So that looked awesome. But I was told that it almost had a little bit of a 3D effect to it, so it wasn't absolutely horrible.

We borrowed my MIL's bounce house and set it up out back for the kids to play in. As well as putting the ladder up on the pool so they could do swimming. And then there was the swing set and backyard toys!

I think the pool might have been the biggest hit! All of the kids were so excited to do some swimming!

Madison was pretty excited about the party too!

Finally we dragged the kids out of the pool and away from all of the toys for the Iron Man Spider Man pinata! Luckily the kids didn't seem to care whether it was Iron Man or Spider Man as long as they got to hit it and candy fell out!

After the pinata and giving all of the kids a proper sugar high, we moved on to presents! Preston was very excited about this one! I was dreading it a little bit because he really does not need any more toys! But his excitement was contagious! He'd gotten his present from me and Brad the night before, we got him a green bike with a horn (that I already regret a little) and an Iron Man helmet, so Iron Man did get a little bit more representation at the party.

We did some BBQing and playing and swimming when Preston was done opening presents.

And finally it was time for cake! Another one of Preston's favorite parts of birthday parties is the birthday song and blowing out the candles on his cake!

Who am I kidding Preston loves everything about his birthday parties!

Thank you to all those friends and family members who celebrated with us! It means so much to us to have you give up a Saturday to celebrate Preston's birthday with us! I know that we had a fabulous time and I hope you did too!!

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