Monday, September 26, 2011

Madison Turns ONE!

Miss Madison recently turned one, which means that we took a trip over to Seattle to celebrate with her!

We arrived Friday night and spent Saturday setting up and getting ready for her party that afternoon!

Then it was time for her party to start!

The party theme was owls and her birthday cake matched it perfectly and was absolutely adorable!

Even with the the bounce house and the doll house, the kids got the biggest kick out of the gravel walkway and spent a lot of time playing and digging in it.

After some playing and snacking it was time for cake! We brought all of the cake and cupcakes out side and set them up while the birthday girl got ready for her big moment!

Madison was a little bit timid about digging right into her cake but she seemed to enjoy it!

Preston was very excited about watching Madison eat her cake. Or at least smiled for the camera when I offered him another cupcake!

The party started winding down and we those of us that were staying kicked back to relax, take a few photos, and just enjoy that it was a beautiful day in Seattle.

When everyone had recovered from the party and Madison had regained some of her energy we headed inside so she could open all of her gifts!

I think it would be very safe to say that everyone went to bed exhausted that night! And that Madison had a fabulous first birthday party!

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