Monday, September 26, 2011

Let's Go To The Zoo

Before we left Seattle and headed back towards home we hit up the zoo! We even convinced Jen and Madison to come with us!

Since we only had a couple of hours we didn't see all of the zoo, just some of our favorite spots.

Starting with the giraffes. Madison really loved the giraffes!

Then we headed towards the lions. For the first time like ever, one of the lions was actually doing something! She was chasing her ball around and knocked it into the water and she was pissed. Preston was totally loving watching the whole thing!

We walked through a few more exhibits, grabbed some lunch, and then headed towards the tropical rain forest!

Where we spent some time watching the jaguar sleep.

Or rather Madison did.

Preston spent some time watching the waterfall.

Then he convinced Madison to watch with him for a little bit.

We opted to skip the monkeys because Preston does not love the monkeys. Instead we headed towards the snow leopard and the bird room. I love the snow leopard and it always seems to be out so you can see it! Plus Preston's favorite lovies are his snow leopards.

We never go to the zoo without visiting the bird room. It is probably Preston's favorite part of the Seattle Zoo. Once you get in there you can buy a stick with bird food attached to it and feed the birds. Preston loves this. In fact even Brad loved this and at one point I had to ask him to please give Preston his stick back! Ha!

The bird room did not disappoint and Preston got to feed the birds and had a couple of them land on his stick to eat off of it. He was thrilled. He takes the whole thing very seriously!

We left the bird room and make a quick stop in the gift shop. Preston picked out a stuffed bat, which was actually really surprising because he is totally afraid of bats! But out of all of the things they had that was what he wanted.

Bat in hand we headed towards the paring lot. To say our good-byes to Jen and Madison and start the long drive home exhausted for a fun weekend away with family!

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