Friday, September 9, 2011

Lake Days

When we got a blast of warm weather this month we did what anyone who wasn't quite ready for summer to end does, we went to the lake with friends!

The boys were so excited to get down to the beach to play!

We brought lunch so that we could stay and hang out for a while and stay and hang out for a while we did!

Preston and Zack did some digging in the sand. They built towers and mountains and lakes and rivers. It was all very serious business.

We all got in the water and enjoyed that even though summer was coming to an end it wasn't over yet and the ninety degree temperatures proved that.

Then we climbed back into the car and headed towards home. The boys enjoyed their dirt bike movie and us Mamas enjoyed getting to chat all the way home. Thanks for driving and letting us ride with you Kelly!

I am seriously going to miss summer and am so glad that we got to get ready to send it out with a day at the lake.

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