Monday, September 26, 2011

Let's Go To The Zoo

Before we left Seattle and headed back towards home we hit up the zoo! We even convinced Jen and Madison to come with us!

Since we only had a couple of hours we didn't see all of the zoo, just some of our favorite spots.

Starting with the giraffes. Madison really loved the giraffes!

Then we headed towards the lions. For the first time like ever, one of the lions was actually doing something! She was chasing her ball around and knocked it into the water and she was pissed. Preston was totally loving watching the whole thing!

We walked through a few more exhibits, grabbed some lunch, and then headed towards the tropical rain forest!

Where we spent some time watching the jaguar sleep.

Or rather Madison did.

Preston spent some time watching the waterfall.

Then he convinced Madison to watch with him for a little bit.

We opted to skip the monkeys because Preston does not love the monkeys. Instead we headed towards the snow leopard and the bird room. I love the snow leopard and it always seems to be out so you can see it! Plus Preston's favorite lovies are his snow leopards.

We never go to the zoo without visiting the bird room. It is probably Preston's favorite part of the Seattle Zoo. Once you get in there you can buy a stick with bird food attached to it and feed the birds. Preston loves this. In fact even Brad loved this and at one point I had to ask him to please give Preston his stick back! Ha!

The bird room did not disappoint and Preston got to feed the birds and had a couple of them land on his stick to eat off of it. He was thrilled. He takes the whole thing very seriously!

We left the bird room and make a quick stop in the gift shop. Preston picked out a stuffed bat, which was actually really surprising because he is totally afraid of bats! But out of all of the things they had that was what he wanted.

Bat in hand we headed towards the paring lot. To say our good-byes to Jen and Madison and start the long drive home exhausted for a fun weekend away with family!

Madison Turns ONE!

Miss Madison recently turned one, which means that we took a trip over to Seattle to celebrate with her!

We arrived Friday night and spent Saturday setting up and getting ready for her party that afternoon!

Then it was time for her party to start!

The party theme was owls and her birthday cake matched it perfectly and was absolutely adorable!

Even with the the bounce house and the doll house, the kids got the biggest kick out of the gravel walkway and spent a lot of time playing and digging in it.

After some playing and snacking it was time for cake! We brought all of the cake and cupcakes out side and set them up while the birthday girl got ready for her big moment!

Madison was a little bit timid about digging right into her cake but she seemed to enjoy it!

Preston was very excited about watching Madison eat her cake. Or at least smiled for the camera when I offered him another cupcake!

The party started winding down and we those of us that were staying kicked back to relax, take a few photos, and just enjoy that it was a beautiful day in Seattle.

When everyone had recovered from the party and Madison had regained some of her energy we headed inside so she could open all of her gifts!

I think it would be very safe to say that everyone went to bed exhausted that night! And that Madison had a fabulous first birthday party!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Fair!

The fair came to town and we obviously had to go!

Preston was very excited! It was almost like he hasn't been to the fair in forever, except you know we've been to a couple of them this year. Maybe that's why he was so excited, he knew he was going to have fun!

We planned ahead and I picked up presale fair tickets for me and Brad as well as a ride bracelet for Preston and a bonus book of tickets so that me and Brad could ride some of the rides with Preston.

Marrissa and her friend ended up coming down with us the night we went. I wouldn't go as far as saying they went to the fair with us since we pretty much just rode there and back together. I called to check in with her a couple of times, but otherwise her and her friend did their thing and we did ours. The joys of having a teenage sister, she's too cool for me now! Ha!

We started with the slide. Which somehow is basically Preston's new favorite ride at the fair. This was Brad's first time with us at the fair and his first time seeing how much Preston loves the slides.

Preston did the obstacle course next.

Then we were off to find the bathrooms and dinner! I love fair food. Or at least usually I do. This year for some reason I couldn't figure out what I wanted and ended up wandering around only to just end up having a burger and fries. Now I feel like I missed out!

Preston on the other hand didn't miss out. While we were eating we hopped in line for the jumping trampoline bungee thing. Yes that is it's official name.

This is Preston's third year doing this and he loves it. It's so worth the wait in line, which this year was at least half an hour. That alone has to be a testament to how awesome it is, that Preston is willing to wait that long for a turn on it. And he gets his patience from me which means he has a teeny tiny little bit more than none.

It did not disappoint.

Brad and Preston did a roller coaster next. Funny enough we ran into my Uncle and my cousins in line so Brad and Preston got to ride the roller coaster with them! Preston had heard talk of my cousin playing one of the games and I knew it was over then. He'd been begging to play one of the games since we got there and I'd been saying no he had a bracelet and could do anything that the bracelet covered but only what the bracelet covered. Well after he heard that Brayden had won he had to play. So we did. And lost. Just like I knew we would, I swear those games are rigged! Luckily Preston had fun and got it out of his system.

We headed over to the adult section and Preston was drooling over all of the grown up rides but poor kid he's just got a couple of years before he'll be tall enough to really enjoy that side of the fair. But we found a few that he was tall enough for. Thank goodness since my little adrenaline junkie wanted to ride them so bad!

The first I didn't think he was going to be tall enough for but when we checked he was so we hopped in line. You sat in a little car and it drove in circles rocking and going up and down over little hills incredibly fast and then it switched and you drove backwards doing the exact same thing. Preston loved it!

We made our way over to the house of mirrors, for some reason Preston loves that one. Me not so much but I sucked it up and went through with him. Mostly because I have seen way too many horror movies and there was no freaking way I was sending Preston in there by himself!

Next to the house of mirrors was the ride that we'd ridden over and over at John's Pizzeria in California and when Preston saw it he was determined to ride it. I was a little nervous because at one of the fairs we went to this summer he wasn't tall enough, but low and behold he was! We rode this one as a family. And Preston loved it just as much here as he did in California!

Somehow Preston conned us into a light saber on the way back over to the kid section. He loved it! And it helped perk him up since it was pretty much bedtime and he was starting to get a little tired.

We rode a few more rides over in the kid section before getting ready to go. We wanted to make sure Preston really made his bracelet worth it. And that he was good and tired!

And he was tired! Preston fell asleep before we even got to my parents house to drop Marrissa and her friend off! We stayed way later than we'd planned but the fair only comes once a year!