Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Visit To Coulee

While Jen and Madison were in town we headed to Coulee for the day to grab some nachos and burritos at Big Wally's. Totally kidding we actually went to visit Brad's Grandpa and Grandma, the food was just a side perk. Did I forget to mention that Brad didn't come? He was at work. But Preston hadn't seen Jim and Joanne in a while and me and Jen had been trying to figure out a time to head their way so it seemed like perfect timing while she was in town and we could ride up and back together.

While Jen went to visit her other Grandma me and Preston hung out at the park on Banks Lake. It didn't seem all that hot when we first got there, but holy crap it got hot fast! And we were only there for an hour. Preston cooled off in the lake while I watched him from the shore. This funny thing has happened to me as I've gotten older, I do not like lakes as much as I used to. I used to be such a lake person and now give me a pool any day of the week! So Preston swam and I watched. And seriously considered getting in a couple of times until I reminded myself that then I would have to spend the rest of the day wet from being in the lake. No thank you.

When Preston got sick of the lake we moved over to the playground to play. We did the slide. Played in the rocks. Climbed over the bridge. And walked the ledges around the play area.

Until it got too hot to be on the playground. At which point we moved back to the lake so Preston could cool off. And throw rocks.

When Jen and Madison picked us up we grabbed some lunch and made our way out to Jim and Joannes to visit.

Preston loves the farm. He gets excited every time we tell him we are heading out to visit Grandma and Grandpa P. Preston had a lot of fun playing with Grandpa P!

When Madison woke up she played with them Grandpa P too.

I'm pretty sure we wore Grandpa out! I know he helped wear Preston and Madison out!

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