Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Storytime With Grandpa

My Dad came into my room to ask me something and somehow got conned into reading the little boys a book.

And not just any book. A book about bats. One that we had bought when we were in town. Preston is a little afraid of bats so I figured the book would help out with that a little bit. Then we read the book. It probably helped out but it was horrible! It's about a baby bat and his Mommy and how the Mommy goes out one night and gets eaten by an owl and eventually the baby ends up with a Mommy bat who had lost it's baby. A perfect pair. And definitely not the happy bat story I thought I was buying.

But Preston liked it. And liked Grandpa reading it to him.

Somehow more than just Preston and Mason ended up listening to the story, Marrissa and Travis ended up in my room too.

It was quite the party! If only we'd had a better book.

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