Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Preston's FOURTH Birthday

My BABY BOY turned four. FOUR! I swear he was just a baby! Seriously, a teeny tiny little baby. And now he's this big four year old. Oh how time flies.

Preston is a true birthday diva, I can't imagine where he gets it! Ha! From the moment that he woke up to the moment that he went to bed, the day was all about him.

We started the day off with presents as soon as he woke up. Preston was barely awake, but he was all over the whole presents thing. And thrilled that it was finally his birthday, he'd been talking about it for months! Preston just couldn't wait to turn four!

After presents and breakfast we got ready for the day. We were going to the zoo! Preston loves the zoo and I wanted to do something exciting on his birthday.

We got there and checked some of the exhibits out and then grabbed lunch.

Then we were onto what I most excited about. Feeding the giraffes! I think Preston was excited too. But that could have just been him feeding off of my excitement! Ha!

After the giraffes there was the rest of the zoo to check out! Preston was even willing to check out the monkeys, which he is usually slightly afraid of and just not at all interested in. We saw tigers. And lions. And snow leopards. Preston even got to go for a ride as the zookeeper!

Our trip to the zoo ended at the gift shop where Preston got some little kitty lovies. He gets a new one every time we go to the zoo and this time he got two since my Mom bought him one as well. And then we went for a ride on the carousel, where no surprise Preston decided to ride the snow leopard.

A quick trip back to my Grandma's house to play before we headed to the restaurant of Preston's choice for dinner. He chose Red Robin because it is his "favorite restaurant in the world!" Preston had worked up quite the birthday appetite, he ate all of his dinner. And then munched on his dessert too. And collected not just one but two balloons.

Preston is one very lucky birthday boy. My phone rang throughout the day with phone calls for him from family and friends wanting to wish him a happy birthday. From Daddy, Grandpa, Gigi, Auntie Jessie, Auntie Shannon, Uncle Matt, and his friend Zack everyone wanted to make sure they knew they were thinking about him on his birthday! Plus there were all of us who wished him a happy birthday in person! And those family and friends on facebook who took the time to wish him a happy birthday. While I've always known that Preston is a very lucky little boy who is loved by many, seeing just how many people wanted to be a part of his special day was enough to make my heart melt!

Happy Birthday Preston!

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