Friday, August 19, 2011

Say What Preston?!

Some catch up on some of the things Preston's been saying that make me laugh lately.


Preston: "Mommy, in the car when you said iPod to Auntie Jessie and you need to say iPad. But you said iPod.

Me: "Oh. I did?"

Preston: "Yes. You said iPod and you need to learn to say iPad."

Nothing like getting a technology lesson FROM your (then) three year old. I then had to explain that I did in fact mean iPod because an iPod is a smaller iPad. So there is also nothing like giving a technology lesson TO your (then) three year old.


"I don't know why they parked by OUR grass!"


Preston: "You're my Mommy."

Me: "I am."

Preston: "I'm going to keep you forever."

Me: (Laughing) You are?

Preston: "Yes. You're my Mommy and not anyone else's. And I'm going to keep you."

Looks like we're going to work on that one since we don't plan on him being an only child forever!


"You better not be lying!"

Think he's heard that phrase before? Ha!


"Okay, I will work on that."

He'd gotten in trouble and I was telling him that he shouldn't have done what he did.


"It went in the wrong pipe! The breathing pipe!"


"My butt hurts. Cause I farted two farts and now it hurts."

Suck a boy!


Preston: "Do I have it?"

Me: "Yes."

Preston: "Oh, I like it."

Me: "How do you know you like it if you don't even remember that you have it? What else do you have?"

Preston: "I have a lot of stuff. I don't remember it all."

We saw a commercial for a toy and Preston told me he wanted it and I told him he already had it! Obviously it's time to clean out the play room!


"It is rude to step on other people's grass."


Preston: "Why when you get shotted you die?"

Me: "Who told you that?"

Preston: "Nobody did. I just knowed it!"


I just love listening to the things he has to say!

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