Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oregon Trip - Exploring Bandon

We spent our first full day in Bandon checking out Bandon! We drove into the little town and had lunch and explored all of the little shops.

I found the most adorable picture frame that I absolutely HAD to have! Preston found a big tugboat that he had to have. Plus we found chocolate!

It was a little bit chilly out and we headed back to the house when it started to rain. Fortunately for us we were in our last store in my Mom called to tell us to meet her at the car. And even more fortunately Preston was starting to hit meltdown time so it was the perfect time to leave.

Somehow by the time we got back to the house Preston had recovered from his meltdown and was in a good mood and racing around the house playing with Mason. The weather was crap outside so it was a perfect night to stay inside and play.

So stay inside and play we did!

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