Friday, July 29, 2011

Last Day On The Beach

Our last full day in Bandon was spent at the beach!

We headed down to play and explore that morning. The beach in front of our house was gorgeous. There were rocks to play on and caves to check out. And it was incredibly windy. But luckily the rocks and caves blocked most of the wind so we could play! And Preston liked climbing on the rocks.

The caves were pretty awesome. Especially since the tide wasn't all the way up. We kept going back and forth between going in to play in the caves and staying outside. Marrissa wanted to go in and really so did the rest of us, but the water was so high. And honestly I was terrified to walk through it, I'd decided that it was deep enough that there was definitely a shark hiding in there. What can I say my Mom raised me watching Jaws movies, so the ocean is a little bit scary!

Instead we played around the cave and on the rocks. Where it was safe. We found tide pools and ran through the water. Travis even found a little crab for the boys to see.

Preston and Travis even climbed up one of the rocks. Well Travis climbed up and then Preston wanted to climb up to so Travis helped him come up too and the two hung out up there for a little bit. Before Preston finally got bored and wanted to come down.

Then it was time for some group photos. We apparently couldn't get a good one to save our life. I mean seriously.

And then there were the sister photos. Because we are awesome. Or at least like to think we are.

The little boys weren't all that interested in our photo shoots. For some reason they thought it was more fun to just race around in the water. And play. I did convince Preston to take a couple of pictures with me, but he was over it very quickly. Back to the playing. Preston and Marrissa found some more tide pools and felt some of the anemones. The boys even got brave enough that they thought about going into the cave on their own. Before we realized the water was getting too deep and pulled them back out. Plus SHARKS!

Oh funny story about sharks. While Marrissa was walking around in the water in front of the cave telling us what babies we were being and how there were not any sharks in the water, Jessie told me to watch. And then she yelled, "SHARK! OMG SHARK!". Marrissa who two seconds before had told us we were being little babies was out of that water so fast! It was hilarious. Me and Jessie almost died of laughter.

My parents headed down to the beach not long after we did. And when my Dad got down there he told us he'd go into the cave with us. So we followed him in. He carried Preston in and me and Marrissa followed closely behind him. That way if there were any sharks they would get to my Dad first and we could grab Preston and run to dry land! Ha, totally kidding! My Dad would have kicked that sharks ass. Plus the water was so high right as you entered the cave that Preston would have had to stand on his tippy toes to keep his head above the water. But there were also the killer sharks!

It was pretty cool in there. And you could hike though and come out on the side with the ocean. Which was even more gorgeous. We watched the waves crash up against the rocks. Preston even found another tide pool. Then we headed back into the cave to look around some more.

When we got back into the cave we didn't do a whole lot of exploring because once we got back in the cave we realized that Mason was really pissed that we'd left him behind when we headed into the cave. So we headed back out to grab him and then went back in to explore. My camera lens got a little wet so some of the photos from in the cave came back a little spotted. But it was awesome in there. And when the waves came in and out the water would get higher and lower, so the boys loved racing around in and around the water. We even got a good picture of my Dad and his two favorite grandsons!

When we finally headed out of the cave we grabbed our stuff and headed back up the beach towards the house.

Until Preston got distracted playing in the sand on the way up. He was stealing all of our shoes and burying them in the sand. Then he'd go digging for "buried treasure".

Finally we convinced Preston that it was time to head back up to the house.

Just in time to get ready for the rest of the day.

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